Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The left's hysteria-of-the-day

The left's hysteria-of-the-day today is over Neil Gorsuch, of course. Here's an example of it: 

And trust me: the usual suspects are combing through Gorsuch's record to find anything to latch onto. It will fail, like everything else they've tried since 2012.

It impossible to recall any time in the past century when either political party became as terribly unhinged as the Democratic Party has become. They have become so palpably divorced from rational thought--not to mention the political mainstream--it is almost astounding that none of them see it.

As the Democratic Party has drifted ever-leftward, the moderates have fled, or have been cowed into silence. This, clearly, is not your father's Democratic Party: John Kennedy's policies more closely mirror Ted Cruz's thinking than George Soros's.

Donald Trump could sneeze, and these people would protest and riot. Or, rather, someone would pay them to protest and riot. Do none of these people have jobs? But hey, they have a great business plan, don't they? Shut down airports and inconvenience a lot of people, then expect the people inconvenienced to support them. Or maybe they don't care. Maybe their goal is a sort of childish anarchy--an organized hissy fit because they can't get their way.

We have now reached the point where the vast middle of America is seeing these people for what they are: mentally unstable. There is no sense trying to engage nutcases in polite or rational discourse.