Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Clinton lost because the left wasn't interested in debate but in name calling and reducing opponents to caricature

If Hillary Clinton's followers wonder why their candidate lost, they need to meditate on the following. Clinton lost because a lot of people on the fence--the folks in that vast, mushy gray center that drifts both left and right depending on the issue and that decides every election--resented, rebelled, and refused to march in lockstep to the preachy, sanctimonious, self-important, morally superior PC warriors on the left who aren't interested in debating issues but who seek to shut down debate with name-calling and by reducing everyone who doesn't share their worldview to grotesque caricature.

But don't listen to me--political satirist "Jonathan Pie" (Tom Walker) says it better than I ever could: (WARNING: LANGUAGE IN THE VIDEO IS ROUGH)