Monday, February 3, 2014

Writer has a conniption because college women use restrooms where men use urinals

Right-winger Pamela Geller is having a conniption because major universities are instituting "non-gender specific bathrooms" that have both stalls and -- horrors! -- urinals. That's right, urinals.

What's the problem with urinals, you ask? Geller explains that unless your daughter is the type who will "fellate any guy who asks her to, and if she actually respects herself, her body and her self-worth, this could be – sexually traumatic."

You read that right. "Sexually traumatic." But wait, it gets better.

"A young girl finishes class, goes to the bathroom to refresh herself and she opens the door to the restroom to find a male student whom she has never met relieving himself in a urinal. What is going to protect girls from sexual predators in such a situation?"

Right. Because evil college men use urinals to lie in wait, sexual organs in hand, to rape and sexually traumatize unsuspecting women. I mean, what better opportunity is there to commit sexual assault than in a public restroom where, at any given moment, anyone -- students, professors, campus police -- might walk in?

If you don't think Geller has sufficiently reduced college men to vile caricature yet, here comes the topper. Geller honestly wonders: "How many college frat boys might use this venue to masturbate or expose themselves to victims?"

Read it again if you have to, then ask yourself, what does this woman's concern say about her view of young men? To Pamela Geller, our sons are nasty walking sex machines. More amusing is her twisted fantasy about what goes on at urinals. She'd be crestfallen if she knew how boring they really are, and that men have one goal at the urinal -- to get done as quickly as possible.

She sums it up: subjecting young women to the sight of young men at urinals "is sexual abuse." Geller declares: "It is scary."

No, Ms. Geller, it's you that is scary. Your post is intended to oppose public accommodations for marginalized students. In so doing, you've unwittingly paraded your contempt for half the population of planet earth -- the half that uses urinals.


  1. All part of the American gender-feminist "bathroom wars".

  2. Except, Scott, this woman is a right-winger . . . .

  3. I've been in a ton of men's restrooms in 5 decades, and almost never seen a penis.

    I might see mine if I lost some weight.

  4. Ok I know you have an agenda, and I'm not against that agenda. However, you can not see how this is a very bad idea? I have seen public bathrooms used for rape at a college campus. The predator slips into a little used bathroom when no one is looking. An woman goes in and the predator locked the bathroom door while she was in the stall. These rapes happened in a girls only public restroom. The danger of shared open facilities is not imaginary. Nor is it a stretch to believe that some men will use this gift wrapped opportunity to expose themselves. Maybe the over the top hysteria of her article is unwarranted but the definite danger situations are not.

  5. I dislike the idea of these "Gender Neutral" bathrooms, for several reasons. To list two major ones: 1. A lot of men and a lot of women do not like using a bathroom with someone of the opposite sex. 2. Men will be falsely accused by women like Geller, or any other female who thinks all men are predators. In summary, I, for one, do not want to use a restroom knowing females may walk in at any minute. Will she see me "shaking off" and run to the police? Men already get very little privacy in this world. This just makes it worse, and why would anyone want to do it. It is just inviting trouble.


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