Thursday, February 6, 2014

Woman who made false rape allegation is fined £90

£90 (or about $146 U.S.). That is the punishment for a rape claim that resulted in three men being arrested. So that means that the punishment for falsely crying rape works out to less than $50 per person arrested. And yet people question what would someone have to gain by falsely claiming to have been raped? My question is, what do they have to fear? It's obvious that the level of punishment, regardless of the damage the claim may cause to those accused/arrested, doesn't mean much to those making the claim.

Perhaps the charges should be equal to those being claimed. A false charge of a felony level crime results in a felony charge of false reporting, with a higher level of punishment attached, and a false charge of a misdemeanor level crime results in a misdemeanor level charge.

Regardless, the damage to the falsely accused needs to be taken into account when levying charges to those who level the false accusation.


  1. Steve, I think this is a brilliant idea. The false claim should be punished according to the severity of the crime that is the subject of the false allegation not just for rape, for anything. You might want to add that if the lie to police doesn't identify someone, and if there is no reasonable prospect that the false claim could result in an arrest, maybe that should be treated as a misdemeanor.

  2. The three guys probably lost more in wages than she did in the fine for breaking the law.

  3. I remember what one of the attorneys stated after the Duke Lacrosse verdict was read.

    The attorney stated that there would be an effort made to change the laws, to improve the legal system.

    I feel that this is where our efforts should be focused. We need to find a way to change the laws to support the falsely accused and punish severely those who pervert the justice in the USA.

    How can we change the laws?


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