Monday, January 14, 2013

India considers female-only judges for rape trials

In India, in the wake of news reports about a brutal gang rape, there are proposals being discussed to change the law so that the judges and prosecutors in rape cases, not to mention the doctor who examines a rape victim, should only be women. Moreover, the prosecutor would be chosen by "the victim."

Last we reported that in the wake of the protests over the Delhi rape case, false rape claims are rampant in India.  We wonder if India will change the law so that trials involving false rape claims will have only male judges? That's, of course, extremely unlikely, and we certainly hope it doesn't happen. That's as kooky as the proposal to have only female judges for rape trials.


  1. the global gynogulag always does its evil incrementally, and under cover of "safety" and "security" and "protecting helpless womenandchildren" so that their totalitarianism is easy to rationalize, to maintain, and to further

    as with the UK floating closure of their prison systems -- uh, for FEMALES ONLY, that is -- India follows Femerica in its ultimate effort simply to make all females sacrosanct and above legal action, and all males (except elites, enablers, and LE) either criminals or pre-criminals

    if these satanic nations were honest, theyd simply dispense with the incremental terrorism they impose against men and little boys, and just declare that the "law" no longer applies to females . . . except when females are doing the Accusing and Prosecuting . . . which they do very often, and with great joy and satisfaction, and at great profit for all the predators involved

  2. There probably are cultural differences, but in the US and other western countries it has been found that female jurors are less likely to vote guilty than male jurors in rape cases (with a male perpetrator and a female victim).

  3. Over my way I've been demanding that only female judges be allowed to sit on cases involving female perpetrators. Our male judges all get sucked in by the female sob fest.


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