Thursday, May 10, 2012

Not a helpful sign . . .

Someone posted this picture on Reddit and claimed it was taken at UCLA.  I get it: guys being guys and all, they might just "forget" and rape a woman.  Sigh.  What a wasted opportunity to make a real statement about rape. How about a poster like this:

Hook-ups + alcohol = trouble.
Friends don't let friends hook up drunk.

Alas, the people behind this sign seem more interested in stereotyping men than in doing something to help sexual assault victims. Yes, indeed, this sign would be helpful . . . if sociopaths paid attention to sarcastic public service announcements. Since it's a pretty good bet they don't, why not address the culture of booze-fueled hook-ups that are at the heart of the college sex problem?


  1. By American law enforcements refusal to charge false rape accusers, they are in effect, de-facto manufacturing the misinformation that women and girls never lie about rape.

  2. I think this is a REALLY good sign, actually.

    This provides us further evidence (not that we don't have enough as it is) that feminism is a hate movement.

    Note to feminists: Replace the word "dude" in "dudetip" with some racial term. See if you can see what's wrong with the card in the pic. If not (you most likely can't), please find your nearest skyscraper, go to the top, and jump off of it. It will bring us a step closer to an egalitarian society where men are no longer demonized simply for being men. Thanks.

  3. P.S. One of the attorneys at UCLA has told me that alcohol is at the heart of the sexual assault problem on campus. No surprise there. Hence, why not focus on that?

    I am advised that other signs are not so inflammatory, so perhaps this was an isolated occurrence. I do want to avoid being hypersensitive to every misguided effort to deal with a problem.