Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Princeton's solution to thorny 'Dear Colleague' problem should be national model

COTWA applauds Princeton University, which will continue to run campus sexual assault proceedings disciplinary proceedings using a "clear and persuasive" standard, while conducting a parallel process in sexual assault cases using the preponderance of the evidence standard to determine if there has been a Title IX violation. This means an accused student might be cleared of sexual assault, but the school might have a duty to provide support for the accuser. A perfect balance to protecting the accuser while insuring the innocent aren't punished. And the Dept. of Education's Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights Russlynn Ali indicated she wasn't necessarily opposed. We hope all schools follow suit.


  1. This actually seems like a step in the right direction. They should consider providing some type of counseling, not only to the accuser, but to the accused whether determined to be guilty or not guilty. When sexual assault charges are made in a school setting, it suggests that there was a serious misunderstanding b/t the parties involved, even if the male is determined to not be guilty of an assault. Both individuals could use some counseling regarding alcohol use, respecting the boundaries of others, and generally being more considerate of others. If your companion seems very drunk, don’t have sex with them! I would like to see schools get out of the law enforcement business. They are not adequately trained to handle these matters. If a crime is alleged involve the police and allow them to handle it. They shouldn’t be kicking kids out of school. Furthermore, if the kid actually did sexually assault someone, I hardly think getting kicked out of school is a stiff enough penalty. Let the police deal with it…

  2. What sort of support for the accuser?

  3. What sort of support could you give to the accuser without being accused of 'victim blaming'?

  4. "This means an accused student might be cleared of sexual assault, but the school might have a duty to provide support for the accuser."

    Who wrote that -- a bunch of prinston liberals? ... might be cleared of sexual assault; might have a duty to ...

    Nonsense babble.

  5. I think it's totally unfair to protect the accused despite what he or she did. There should be college counseling services in order to settle down issues fairly.


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