Monday, March 26, 2012

Woman falsely accuses police officers of sexually assaulting her

Two Victorian policemen arrested Karly Enid Jean Mitchel, 25, for being drunk outside a South Yarra nightclub, and she repaid them by falsely accusing them of sexual assault.

Mitchel had been refused entry about 2am on August 6 last year to the Circus Nightclub and then spent 45 minutes abusing crowd controllers. The police arrived, and Mitchel became abusive. They arrested her for being drunk.

After her release from custody, she complained that she had been "groped" on her breasts by the police and touched on her inner thighs and outside her crotch.

The police investigated, and the CCTV footage and witness accounts did not support her story. She admitted the following month she had made a false report.

Mitchel pled guilty. Mitchel's defence barrister Trish Jones said Mitchel was apologetic, that she had reflected on her poor behaviour and now appreciated the effect of what she had done. Mitchel, who has no prior convictions and is a full-time carer for her young child, wrote a letter of apology to the police officers. Alcohol had been a problem for her in the past, but she had now moderated her intake. Her defense barrister claimed that at the time of this incident, she had been involved in a dispute with the father of the child.

Magistrate Bill White told Mitchel that the offence was taken so seriously because the role of police was to protect her and everyone else. It was vital, he said, for people to be honest and frank with those whose primary duty was to protect all citizens.

Mitchel was ordered to pay $1898 in costs.



  1. Another case I thought your site would be interested in:


  3. Sorry, realised you may not be able to access that site. Try this one:

  4. "Her defense barrister claimed that at the time of this incident, she had been involved in a dispute with the father of the child."

    Which has what, exactly, to do with her going out, getting drunk, causing a disturbance, and falsely accusing the officers who were sent to arrest her?

    Is it simply yet another appeal to think of women as less than fully formed adult persons, who cannot help themselves from causing all sorts of problems due to any and all personal issue they may be going through?

    Gee, I wonder what the father of their child might have had a dispute with her over? Perhaps it was her going out drinking and loosing all control of herself rather than taking proper care of their child? Why, that horrible misogynist! Expecting a woman to act like a responsible adult!?!? He's every bit as bad as those evil police (men) who arrested her even though she had "personal issues".

    She is truly the "real victim" in all this[/snark]

  5. Anonymous - "Sorry, realised you may not be able to access that site."

    Both seem to require registration and login to view the full story.

    Without risking violating any copy-write protections, perhaps you could give us a quick over-view of the case?


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