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Flashback to 1972: Only men could be 'Peeping Toms'

A UPI story from Mississippi found in the Beaver County Times, Dec. 12, 1972: 

Rape Culture 101 -- The Virus of Radical Feminism

by Connie Chastain*

Okay, I know--and will say right up front--that it's a stretch to compare feminism to a virus, particularly the one I have in mind, although there are some parallels. But I'm not the first or only one to make such a comparison, as a Google search confirms.

David Horowitz, writer and publisher, a leftist turned rightwinger, has compared the entire cultural and political left, including one if its subsets, radical feminism, to a virus. If Horowitz has a specific virus in mind, he doesn't name it. He does descibe its effects: "...a virus that attacks [the left's] brain cells and makes it incapable of ingesting real world facts and consequently of arriving at reasonable judgments."

I do have a specific virus in mind for my comparison--the rabies virus--because I've recently had reason to do a lot of Internet reading about it.

Several days ago a semi-stray cat bit me. (Story here: I have no access to his vaccination record, don't even know if he has one. So I read about rabies on the Center for Disease Control's website, and my county health department's website. While determining how I needed to respond to the bite (and following those instructions, and the advice of my doctor), I read other things about rabies.

Viruses can do nothing on their own--can't eat, can't grow, can't reproduce. They need a host for that. Most viruses are benevolent, as far as mankind is concerned. Indeed, life could not exist without them. But a very few have extremely malignant effects on their hosts. One of them is the rabies virus. Though other viruses far kill more people around the world, rabies carries its own special kind of horror.

This virus is so devastating because it attacks the central nervous system--spine and brain--the master controller of every physical thing we do, the determiner of our thought, reason, emotion, self-concept. The destruction of brain cells by the virus visits upon the victim some of the most horrifying pathologies known to man. Moreover, while rabies can easily be prevented, it cannot be cured. Once symptoms manifest, death--a horrible one, if palliative care is not available--is inevitable.

The rabies virus enters the body through a bite wound. For days, weeks, or months, it makes its way thoughtout the nervous system, remaining symptomless, until it reaches the brain. Then, symptoms appear. (Symptoms of rabies.

If we consider radical feminism to be a virus that infects a culture or society, are we starting to see a glimmer of the parallels here? I think so, although every analogy breaks down at some point.

Consider the type and quantity of destructive change that has come to society through the work of relatively few feminist activists. The "bite" could be likened to creating in women an overwhelmining dissatisfaction with being wives and mothers (Friedan's The Feminine Mystique), the increase of coeds in colleges and universities and the prevalence of women's studies on campuses.

Through feminist-influenced graduates, the indoctrination then branches out from university campuses into government, the courts, corporations and business, law, medicine, the news and entertainment media, the popular culture, even the military and religion. In short, every aspect of culture. It invades and reshapes the very things that determines, on a societal level, who and what we are. Unlike the rabies virus, which is basically a thing with no will or intent, the radfem virus attacks society knowingly and with intent.

Because so much of what feminism seeks to change is essential to human existence, there's bound to be monumental and devastating affects on the culture, such as:

1- rejection of the sex roles of men and women which are fundamental to individuals and society;

2- the undermining of the stability of the family, the foundation on which all society rests;

3- the shunting aside of men and boys (on whom societal survival depends) in favor to making girls "feel better";

4- the demonization (or dumb-ination) of men in the popular culture;

5- the invention of "rape culture" and perpetration of false rape claims against men;

6- the astronomical dropout rates, drug use and criminal activity among fatherless children....

I could go on, but readers of this blog no doubt are well acquainted with symptoms of the radfem virus on our culture.

The question now arises--can our culture's immune system fight off the virulent attack of feminism? Or do these societal symptoms mean we've reached the point of no return?

*Connie is a member of the FRS team. Her weekly essays appear every Friday. Her personal blog is

Teesside teen is not punished after false rape claim

Follow up to our story HERE.

A TEENAGER who made a false rape complaint has not been punished by the courts as Teesside's top judge said she needed help.

Kirstie Hodgson’s claim led to the arrest of two men, one held for 18 hours amid extensive police inquiries with high-profile media appeals.

Yesterday Hodgson, 19, pleaded guilty to attempting to pervert the course of justice.

She still says she has been the victim of another sex assault, Teesside Crown Court heard.

She went to the front desk of Middlesbrough police station and reported she had been raped on October 19 last year.

She said she was attacked by an unknown man as she returned home from a night out in the early hours of that day.

She claimed the man told her he had a knife, forced her to perform a sex act then stole her mobile phone on Borough Road, Middlesbrough.

She pointed out the location of the alleged incident and gave a video interview to the police.

Six detectives and specialist telecommunications officers were assigned to the investigation, with more police resources deployed for searches, reassurance patrols and to prevent more attacks in the area of the bogus assault.

Forensic samples were sent off costing thousands of pounds, as well as protracted CCTV inquiries, phone tracing and eliminating potential suspects, referrals to support agencies and a “comprehensive forensic strategy”.

A 26-year-old man was arrested, held in custody for 18 hours, interviewed and medically examined. A 32-year-old second suspect was held for two hours.

Discrepancies in Hodgson’s story came to light and she was arrested herself five days after her original complaint.

She admitted she lied about the location, description of the assailant and some of the details of the alleged attack.

She maintained she had been raped but at another place, in different circumstances and by another perpetrator.

She says she told untruths and altered details in her report to police because she was afraid of her attacker.

Deborah Sherwin, defending, said: “There are grounds for believing that this quite conceivably is a girl who has been the victim of a sexual assault.”

A psychological report said Hodgson needed help, referring to physical and psychological disabilities and symptoms consistent with a victim of sexual abuse.

Hodgson, formerly of Wellington Street, Middlesbrough, had no previous convictions.

Judge Peter Fox QC, the Recorder of Middlesbrough, said: “It’s a very unusual case.”

He told Hodgson: “At least one man was taken into police custody for a significant period of time as a result of your dishonesty.

“Whatever has happened to you, you’re not the only victim in all this. A perfectly innocent man was arrested and taken into police custody and interviewed at length. And that’s what happens when you tell lies to the police.

“You must leave this court realising that it was a very grave wrong that you did. And two wrongs don’t make a right. It mustn’t happen again.”

With few NHS resources to deal with Hodgson’s problems, the judge could only suggest her GP be given a copy of her psychological report.

“You certainly need the help, and that’s the reason why you’re not going to be punished or penalised today,” he added, passing a three-year conditional discharge.

Detective Inspector Andy Greenwood from Middlesbrough CID said today: “Whilst we would always urge people who are genuine victims of a sexual assault to come forward, anyone who falsely reports such an assault should be aware that their actions can waste a massive amount of police time and resources, diverting officers away from genuine crimes.

“They should also remember that in some cases, a malicious or false allegation could even result in the complainant receiving a custodial sentence.”

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Empty seats on Titanic's lifeboats, and what this tells us about gender relations

I stumbled upon an old newspaper article written shortly after Titanic sank in 1912 that hits on a truth so simple, yet so true, that it explains much about gender relations even today.  The article was a defense of J. Bruce Ismay, chairman of the company that owned Titanic, who famously survived the disaster but was widely accused of cowardice because he took a seat in a lifeboat that, many believed, could have gone to a woman. 

No one has ever confused Mr. Ismay with another person who refused to give up her seat on a less expensive form of transportation, Rosa Parks, but one could ask the same question about both: should someone be deprived of their seat -- on a bus, a train, a roller coaster, or even a lifeboat -- simply because of their birth class?  I think not, yet Mr. Ismay is widely regarded as a coward while Ms. Parks is properly lionized -- because men belong to the one birth class expected to sacrifice themselves for the other. Even today.

But I digress. The article talked about the "armchair hero" who would sooner sit in judgment of the men who did not lose their lives than applaud the contributions of those who did, and it offered a plausible explanation for why some of the lifeboats on the ship were not filled:

Ever ponder why more progressives, especially progressive men, who are otherwise concerned with the plight of the downtrodden do not join our fight? It's because the "armchair hero" is very much alive and well, thank you very much. He's transformed himself a little, to be sure. He's no longer just a chivalrous presence; he's also assumed the garb of feminism and he's taken on a patina of political correctness. But otherwise, nothing much has changed since Titanic sank. The armchair hero still dictates what is socially acceptable.

Now, almost 100 years after Titanic, the armchair hero has concocted a new "crisis" that he uses as a yardstick to judge men's actions. He insists that women, and girls, need to be rescued from the scourge of rape just as women and children on Titanic needed to be rescued from the icy grip of the briny deep.

No matter how many men and boys are drowning from rape lies, and no matter how many empty seats there are in the lifeboats, the armchair hero makes it clear that you simply can't be a hero if you rescue men and boys.

Then, as now, the armchair hero is not appeased by the appalling death-roll of men. He asks for more.

Rape allegations dropped against Beaverton teen, who is released after two months in jail

HILLSBORO -- After 58 days in jail as an accused rapist, Mohamed M. Garare, 19, stood outside in the bright sunshine this afternoon a free man.

But the Beaverton teen said his sudden freedom didn't make up for two months lost due to unsupported accusations, which has shaken the Kenya native's faith in American justice.

"You can never get time back," he said. "Time is precious, and I wasted precious time."

Garare's trial was scheduled to begin Wednesday morning, but instead Chief Deputy District Attorney Rob Bletko dismissed the charges. Garare's accuser was not a reliable source, he told the judge.

Bletko said despite the teen's time in jail, the system worked in keeping Garare from a wrongful conviction.

As a prosecutor, Bletko said, "if you don't believe the defendant is guilty, you don't take that defendant to trial."

And in this case, he said, "I don't believe he committed this crime."

Bletko said the 22-year-old Seaside woman who told police she was sexually assaulted and cut with a razor didn't show up to court Wednesday, nor could she be found last week when detectives needed to serve her with a subpoena. When authorities finally tracked her down and interviewed her on Tuesday, she took a break to smoke a cigarette and never returned.

On May 12, the woman told police she was looking for a ride near the Beaverton Transit Center back to the coast when she willingly got into a vehicle and was taken to Garare's apartment. Once there, the woman said Garare raped and cut her with some type of blade. Beaverton Police Detective Pam Yazzolino said the woman reported the alleged attack after she escaped from the home and ran to a local business.

The woman was examined, Bletko said, and she did have lacerations on her face. However, forensic tests revealed the only blood found in Garare's apartment wasn't hers but Garare's. The victim's lack of cooperation and a lack of any forensic evidence led Bletko to question Garare's guilt, he said.

Additionally, Garare took two polygraph tests – one for his attorney and one for the prosecution – and he passed both. While polygraph test results cannot be submitted as evidence in court, the results caused Bletko to further question the case, he said.

Before his May 12 arrest, Garare was attending community college part-time, working at a new job and supporting himself on his own in his first apartment. He was living the life his family hoped for when they moved to the United States from Kenya in late 2000.

The biggest reason for the move, Garare said, was a polio-related surgery he needed for his left leg. The surgery worked, and Garare became acclimated to a new country, learning fluent English before entering Aloha High School.

"I had to learn quickly," he said. "I'm a people person."

In the months since his arrest, Garare has lost his job, his apartment and a few friends, said his brother, Abdi Garare.

Garare said he and his family's faith in the justice system and the opportunities this country has to offer has been shaken.

"I believed in the government," he said. "But I lost that respect."

Jail wasn't a kind place for an alleged rapist, Garare said. Many inmates wanted nothing to do with him. Convicted felons complained about sharing space with an alleged rapist. One man even punched him in the face, he said.

In high school, Garare said, he was the friendly class clown. An outgoing teen, Garare said being treated as an outcast made his time in jail even lonelier.

But Garare said the worst result of the allegations has been the damage to his reputation. When he discovered his 2-year-old niece had seen his jail mug shot on the TV news, his heart sank. "That kills me," he said.

Garare and his family worry that the far-reaching accusations won't disappear soon enough. Although he said he has a lot of supporters in the community, he's also seen some friends and neighbors believe the early police reports.

"The first thing I'm going to do is take a warm shower – a bath maybe – eat real food and get on Facebook and clear my image," he said.

[FRS COMMENT] - Do you suppose they could have mentioned if a warrant has been issued for the arrest of this, for some reason, unnamed woman? Does anyone think an arrest warrant will even be issued?


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Woman accused of making false rape claim

A WOMAN has been charged with making a false rape allegation.

She appeared at St Helens Magistrates’ Court accused of committing a series of acts with intent to pervert the course of justice.

The court was told she made an allegation of rape on November 8 2009, which led to a man being detained by police.

The woman, aged in her 30s, was granted bail to appear at Liverpool Crown Court in September where she will stand trial.


Woman tries to destroy boyfriend with rape lie for not helping her with housework

Want to get back at your boyfriend for not helping with the housework? Don't just talk to him about it and tell him how it offends you when he doesn't help. Tell the police he raped you and try to destroy his life. The next time a progressive self-righteously, sarcastically, and incredulously inquires, "Why would a woman lie about rape, given the ordeal she knows she will be put through?" Just tell her about Faye Pendlebury, featured in the news story below, who told a rape lie to get back at her boyfriend for that very "infraction." 

Sadly, we have reported on this site rape lies told for far less serious "infractions."  A male teacher reprimands you? Tell mommy he raped you -- it'll send him to jail, ruin his marriage, end his career, and pretty much destroy his life.  A cab driver threatens to call the police over an unpaid fare? Just tell the police he raped you and send him to jail.  A boy in school rejects you?  He does so at his peril, because countless young women have told rape lies in that situation. Your father grounds you?  He risks his life for doing that because you can destroy him with one phone call. 

In the story below, Ms. Pendlebury appeared "shocked and stunned" as she was led from the dock by security staff to be locked away for eight months. She likely was "shocked and stunned" because custodial sentences for false rape lies are so rare.  Perhaps if more would-be rape liars understood that their lies would lead to a custodial sentence, the power to cry "rape" would not be so terribly abused.

Woman jailed over false rape claim

Published Date: 28 July 2010

A CARE assistant has been locked up for eight months for lying to police that her boyfriend raped her.

Faye Pendlebury, aged 36, made the claim as a "point scoring" exercise during a volatile relationship, Sheffield Crown Court heard.

After she made her false claim Pendlebury's 32-year-old boyfriend Alan Jones was arrested and detained by police.

He was later released on bail but was re-arrested after she lied again, this time claiming he had assaulted her.

Pendlebury said she concocted the second fictional attack to get back at him for not helping her with the housework. Judge Simon Lawler QC told Pendlebury: "False complaints of rape are always regarded as a very serious matter. It is quite impossible to avoid an immediate custodial sentence."

Pendlebury, of Britain Street, Mexborough, appeared shocked and stunned as she was led from the dock by security staff.

Louise Gallagher, prosecuting, said Pendlebury was arrested during a 3am disturbance at Mr Jones' home in Goldthorpe, near Barnsley. She was drunk, agitated and screaming, and was taken to Barnsley police station for breaching the peace.

During questioning she appeared frightened and showed officers bruising on her thighs. She asked to see a doctor and then claimed she had been raped by Mr Jones.

He was arrested at 5.15am on suspicion of rape and taken to Ecclesfield police station for questioning. DNA samples were also taken from him.

Mr Jones, who had also been drinking, remained in police custody for 10.5 hours until he was granted bail.

Three days later Pendlebury contacted the police again and accused Mr Jones of assaulting her while on bail by punching her on the nose and hitting her with a bottle.

He was arrested again but soon afterwards Pendlebury admitted the assault was untrue.

Miss Gallagher said: "She said it had been made up to get back at Mr Jones for not helping her with the housework."

The next day she admitted she had cried rape to "score points" against Mr Jones after her arrest.

She was then detained and told police she had been so drunk she could not remember making the rape claim.

Pendlebury said: "It was point scoring, I honestly thought they would not believe me."

She admitted perverting the course of justice.

Robert Sandford, defending, said she had undergone treatment for a drink problem. Mr Sandford said she had been in a relationship with Mr Jones' father and they had two children. When the relationship ended last December, she took up with Alan Jones.

He said she had taken steps to improve her life by moving away from her former address on Victoria Street, Goldthorpe to Mexborough.


Deleted messages from iPhone spare falsely accused man from rape charge

Once again, the only thing standing between a man and a lengthy prison sentence due to a false rape accusation is modern technology. We've reported on numerous cases where a video saves a man or boy from jail, but this is the first case we've seen where an iPhone saved the day.  One question: when will falsely accused men and boys not have to beg the authorities to bring criminal charges against their false accusers?  Why is it so much to ask law enforcement to enforce the law?

Rape charges dropped after deleted messages recovered from iPhone

Deleted but decoded text messages undermined a schoolgirl's claims against a northern beaches businessman, writes Joel Gibson.

A MAN'S business and reputation are tainted, a young woman's HSC and mental health are in tatters and prosecutors have been ordered to pay more than $30,000 in legal costs for a bungled rape investigation on Sydney's northern beaches.

But it could have been worse still, if not for the trove of secrets stored in one of the world's most popular mobile phones.

In what may be the first time an iPhone's elephantine memory has saved someone accused of a serious crime, deleted data retrieved by a leading surveillance expert appears to have led to the dropping of five rape charges against a Sydney man.

Robert*, in his 60s, was a property manager to the rich and famous and a dog breeder.

Jessica* was the 18-year-old daughter of a friend, who never knew her father and dreamed of working with animals.

Their friendship blossomed as they spent mornings training his prize German shepherds. He gave her a $20,000 dog. For three months, they had sex repeatedly en route to dog shows and at a Whale Beach mansion where Elle Macpherson has stayed.

In August last year she accused him of rape. It was - and remains - a case of his word against hers.

Robert lost a job with the Catholic Church, from which he had earned more than $100,000 over the past three years, and was told he could no longer worship there.

The investigating officer, Detective Senior Constable Karen Hennessy, seized the $20,000 dog, saying it was relevant to the investigation.

The only thing standing between Robert and five sentences of up to 14 years were the messages from her on his iPhone, which he had deleted to conceal the relationship.

Robert's lawyer, John Gooley from Collins & Thompson solicitors, commissioned Gary Coulthart, a former covert operations policeman and ICAC surveillance expert, to plumb the depths of Robert's iPhone.

Mr Coulthart retrieved more than 300 deleted texts and phone calls from the alleged victim, some of which appeared to undermine the allegations.

Prosecutors later withdrew the charges and have been ordered to pay $30,056 of Robert's legal costs.

''Without the ability of Coulthart to drag the content out, a man's life may have been ruined,'' Mr Gooley said. ''[iPhone evidence is] a bit like DNA. It can work both ways.''

From a cohort of about 20 people in Australia with the equipment and know-how to do this sort of forensic work, Mr Coulthart said it was the first case he had seen in which an iPhone investigation commissioned by a defence lawyer has led to charges being dropped.

''Usually [when] you get engaged by the defence and they say, 'This person says they didn't do it', you find evidence that they have done it,'' he said.

Apple has sold more than 50 million iPhones since 2007 but few users know how much information they collect. The keyboard logging cache means an expert can retrieve anything typed on it for up to 12 months. Its internal mapping and ''geotags'' attached to photos indicate where a user has been.

An iPhone has up to 32 gigabytes of data that can be ''imaged'' or decoded with the right equipment, Mr Coulthart said, even if it has been deleted.

Robert wants police to investigate Jessica for causing a false investigation and is considering civil action against the police and the church.

''It's put huge pressure on my home life and on my business,'' he said. ''I had to go through the denigration of being charged and I've never been in trouble in my life.''

Jessica did not want to comment.

A spokeswoman for the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions said it withdrew the charges because the victim did not want to proceed and that ''the brief of evidence had not been given to the ODPP at the time this matter was withdrawn''. A police spokeswoman said that, for operational reasons, it was inappropriate to comment except to say that the alleged victim had told police she did not wish to pursue the matter.

*Not their real names


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False claim of Port Melbourne rape

A WOMAN is facing charges of making a false complaint to police after claiming she was raped in Port Melbourne last month.

The 22-year-old's story prompted a man-hunt for the alleged offender and a significant police investigation, costing thousands of dollars in time and resources.

On May 28, Victoria Police contacted the Sunday Herald Sun with the story in a bid to alert the public and appeal for help to find the alleged offender. When contacted on Friday by the Sunday Herald Sun, the woman, who is receiving counselling, said she was sorry for lying.

"I haven't meant to upset anyone," she said.

The woman claimed she was still the victim of a sexual assault, which occurred "somewhere else".

Police from the Moorabbin sexual offences unit said the woman had made "full admissions" on Thursday night that she had lied to police.

Sgt Toogood said the Port Melbourne community needed to be informed the rapist did not exist.

"The offence reported on that date did not occur. There is no reason for the people of Port Melbourne to be apprehensive going about their business," he said.

The woman claimed she had been grabbed by the throat from behind and dragged into an alcove on the St Joseph's Church grounds on Rouse St, where she was raped between 8pm and 8.30pm on May 25.

Police said they hoped the false report would not discourage victims from coming forward for help.

Detective Sen-Constable Mark Feehan said: "Victoria Police encourages all victims of sexual assault to come forward so police can provide support, investigate and prosecute offenders."

Centre Against Sexual Assault spokeswoman Carolyn Worth said false reports, while rare, were a "tricky issue".

"It makes everybody slightly wary when there is a similar allegation, which we cannot afford," she said.

"We've spent a long time trying to get people to take sexual assault seriously."


After 19 years, innocent man is free at last

Congratulations to Mr. Porter.

No one would blame Allen Wayne Porter if he had bitterness about spending half his life behind bars for a crime he did not commit. For 19 years, he consistently claimed his innocence, and no one would listen.

But Porter, who was set free on Friday, isn't interested in living with an angry heart. His Christian faith, which he says got him though those tough years, won't let him.

"Everybody makes mistakes," Porter said. "I think that's mainly what it was. They just made a big mistake."

Surrounded by his mother, sister and other family members, Porter, 39, thanked God and his attorney, Casey Garrett, for getting him released.

After fighting for so long to gain his freedom, now that he has it, it almost doesn't feel real, he said.

Porter was sentenced to life in prison for a June 18, 1990, rape and robbery in southwest Houston. He was identified as one of three men who kicked their way into a drug dealer's residence in search of money and drugs. They terrorized the apartment's four occupants, repeatedly raping two women.

Porter said he was innocent from the beginning. He tried to challenge his conviction but was turned away by several lawyers.

His break came last year when he wrote a letter to Harris County District Attorney Pat Lykos, explaining how he was found guilty by mistaken identity. Lykos reopened the case, launching an investigation.

During a hearing Thursday, Porter's nephew, Jimmy Hatton, and Perry Harrison told state District Judge Joan Campbell they committed the crime along with a third man. They said Porter was not at the crime scene.

Porter was arrested while attending Hatton's trial with other family members after one of the rape victims identified him as her attacker.

Free on $30,000 bail

Campbell found Hatton and Harrison credible witnesses. On Friday, she ordered Porter's release on $30,000 bail. She plans to forward her findings of fact in the case to the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals and recommend that Porter's conviction be overturned and his life sentence be vacated.

If the court agrees with Campbell's findings of actual innocence, it would grant Porter a new trial.

"The court of criminal appeals still has to make final decision," Garrett, Porter's lawyer, said. "We will wait anxiously for them to make a decision. I'm hopeful and confident it will endorse Judge Campbell's findings. I think the court of criminal appeals will do the right thing."

Special prosecutor Bob Loper said that if Porter is granted a new trial, he would move to dismiss the case.

"It's a completely sad case," Loper said. "No one could imagine a family member going through that, and to know that for so many years this has happened and someone's been crying out they're innocent. You can't wrap your mind around that."

First hearing in 2004

Porter first presented his case before Campbell in 2004. He obtained DNA testing,which failed to link him to rape-scene evidence. But a lab technician testified that absence of DNA evidence linking Porter to the crime didn't mean he was innocent. Campbell ruled against him.

In his second appearance before Campbell, Porter had testimony and fingerprints — evidence found by Lykos' post-conviction review team — to back his claim of innocence.

Baldwin Chin, a member of the review team, interviewed Hatton and Harrison, which led to the third suspect's name - and to the fact that finger and palm prints at the crime scene had never been identified.

Chin told the judge that four of six prints collected at the scene matched those of the third never-apprehended suspect.

Lykos said her office has a sworn mission to serve justice. "The integrity of the criminal justice system means everything," Lykos said. "Wrongful convictions are a triple tragedy - for the accused, the victim and for society. The true criminal is free to continue to commit offenses."

Word of advice

Porter said he never once thought about giving up. He said his faith in God and support from his family kept him strong. He said he would advise others in his same position to do what he did.

"Don't never give up," he said. "It's never over. As long as you are breathing, just keep fighting."

His sister, Sandra Reeves, said the family is thrilled to have him home and harbors no bad feelings about what happened to him. She said they drew their strength from Porter.

"There were times when I got down, and I could read his letters and just hear the determination in the letters," Reeves said. "And I thank God I drew from that and I held on."

Hatton remains in prison serving a life sentence for the crime.

Harrison, who was never charged with the crime, is serving a drug sentence in state prison.

The third suspect cannot be charged because the statute of limitation has passed.


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Serial false rape accuser tried to destroy man's life for not giving her a beer

The next time someone self-righteously inquires, "Why would a woman lie about rape, given the ordeal she knows she will be put through?"  Just tell her that she might lie about rape if a man refuses to buy her a beer.  Tell her about the news story below, where Kristin Milligan tried to destroy the life of a man she didn't know because he wouldn't give her a beer.  We have seen some terribly lame reasons for falsely accusing men and boys of rape -- we've seen rape lies told as an excuse for being late for work and to get out of paying a cab fare -- but this ranks among the more absurd.  The woman  in question was a serial false accuser, and fortunately the police were familiar with her and knew enough to stop her before she could destroy an innocent man.

Woman said man raped, held her captive

Police: She's known for false rape allegations

AUSTIN (KXAN) - Authorities arrested Kristin Milligan, 54, after police said she made false reports about being raped and sparked an emergency response from the Austin Police Department Friday.

A couple of police officers responded to Sixth Street and Congress Avenue about a disturbance in progress at 8:15 p.m., after Milligan reportedly called to say there was a male on the scene who had kidnapped and held her captive for five days. Milligan allegedly told the operator he had fled the scene but said she could see him assaulting another female at the moment.

Police found the suspect matching the caller's description at a bus stop a block away, where the man told police Milligan approached him at Sixth Street and Congress Avenue and said she would call 911 to report he had raped her if he did not get her a beer.

The man told police he did not know her and that because of her erratic behavior, he quickly walked away to the bus stop.

Police again approached Milligan, who they said told them the man had kidnapped her two weeks ago and kept her for several days. However, one of the officers said he had personally seen Milligan recently and had heard of other officers who had come in contact with her.

"Her involvement with our department shows that she has consistent involvement with us numerous times a week for the months of May, June and July," read court documents. "She also frequently makes false rape allegations."

Police said no one around the Sixth Street and Congress Avenue bus stop saw the man assaulting or disturbing Milligan or anyone else.

That's when police said it was clear Milligan had knowingly made a call to 911, given false information about an assault that was not happening and that the call and information elicited an emergency response from APD.

Police went to arrest Milligan, but they said she pulled away from them and fell to the ground. An officer moved in and started to handcuff her when she allegedly kicked out with her left leg, pushing the officer away while he tried to arrest her.

Authorities transported Milligan to Travis County Central Booking, where she allegedly became very irate and kept standing up, cursing and yelling. Authorities said she spat on an officer’s shirt and left forearm after making her sit down on the jail bench.

Milligan is charged with harassment of a public servant, a third-degree felony. Bond is set at $5,000.


'Rape accuser's inconsistent statements are consistent with rape' . . . . Come again?

Don't take my word for what I'm about to tell you, read the article yourself. The Baltimore Sun continued its witch hunt of the Baltimore Police department's handling of rape cases yesterday, highlighting two ten-year-old rape allegations that were initially deemed "unfounded" but which later, the newspaper says, were proven to have been actual rapes. See here. This, presumably, is supposed to prove that the police force generally does not take rape allegations seriously.

In the two cases cited, both young women stopped cooperating with the police because the police supposedly focused on inconsistencies in their accounts and were, in some unspecified manner, confrontational. "They just degrade women," was the conclusory assertion of the mother of one of the young women, posited without specificity. The upshot of the article is that rape victims are not treated seriously. The article quotes a female prosecutor: "It is our job, our mission, as prosecutors to pursue justice for all crime victims," said State's Attorney Patricia C. Jessamy in an e-mail to The Sun. "For too many victims of sexual crimes, that justice comes years later with newly discovered evidence, most often the result of a cold case DNA hit."

While the failure to bring a rapist to justice can prove tragic, the article strains to blame the police department for the young women's decisions to drop the cases. The "evidence" cited to support blaming the police department is woefully insufficient. In "he said/she said" allegations of serious criminality, and especially in cases where there is often a motive to lie, the police need to search for inconsistencies and to challenge statements that don't add up. The failure to do so can be catastrophic for an innocent man or boy, but that fact never creeps into writer Erica Green's lengthy article.

Young women might decide to drop rape cases for any number of reasons. Often, they know that the case won't hold up. They also know that dropping claims is not socially desirable, and sometimes when they drop them for selfish reasons, they blame the police.

But the Sun's article borders dangerously close on saying that the police should just accept the conclusory assertion of a rape accuser without testing her assertion or challenging its inconsistencies. This, of course, would mean that all manner of accused would be forced to stand trial for rape on even far-fetched claims. In criminal cases, judges routinely instruct jurors that it is up to them to consider the inconsistencies or discrepancies in the testimony of witness. That is not only standard jury instruction fare, it's the stuff on which a lot of criminal cases are won and lost.

This article, on the other hand, finds a purported expert who suggests that police should not deem inconsistencies in the statements of purported rape victims as evidence of a lie. Why? Because "it's consistent that [the victim will] be inconsistent."

Read that last sentence again and let it sink in. Surprised? You shouldn't be. You see, in the rape field, evidence that the "victim" waited 40 years to report is consistent with rape. So is evidence that the "victim" reported immediately. Evidence that the "victim" was calm in relating her alleged ordeal is consistent with rape. So is evidence that the "victim" was excitable. Evidence that the woman insists the accused is her rapist is consistent with rape. So is evidence that the woman recanted.

Get it? Any conduct of the purported victim is evidence of rape. No matter what a rape accuser does, some expert, somewhere, will tell us it is consistent with the way rape victims behave. No human behavior should ever be cited as evidence of a lie so long as a rape accuser did it.

The Sun's article is troubling because it is so terribly lacking in nuance, in balance; it fails even to allude to the awful result of unquestioningly accepting the word of a rape accuser without challenging her inconsistencies, without testing her assertions to see if they hold up.

I wish like hell that the story's author Erica L.Green had checked this Web site, and had read the countless news accounts of recent false rape claims, before she had written her story. While that's surely too much to ask, you'd think, at the very least, she could have checked her own newspaper's archives. I wish like hell Ms. Green had uncovered the story of Bernard Webster, reported by the Sun a few years ago.

Mr. Webster was a young black man who spent spent two decades in prison for an alleged rape he didn't commit on the say so of a white English teacher. The gruelling story of Mr. Webster's ordeal relates the following: The victim"sobbed as she testified, describing how, after they first came face to face, her attacker spun her around and wrapped a house dress around her head so tightly that she could hardly breathe. She said he pressed something hard into her back and told her it was a gun. 'Do you see that person in court today?' asked Assistant State's Attorney Robert W. Lazzaro. 'Yes, I do,' she replied. And then she pointed at Webster. 'That's he.'"

Only it wasn't "he." The article recounts how Mr. Webster felt the antagonism in the Baltimore County courtroom toward him and his friends, all young blacks from the city. Mr. Webster knew the trial was over as soon as the purported victim stated sobbing on the stand when she wrongly identified him. Finally, and years too late, DNA proved Mr. Webster's innocence, and he was released from the hell that took away took decades of his life.

Mr. Webster's case would have served as a valuable cautionary tale about the care required in handling rape cases and the difficulties of achieving justice, and about how it is more important to insure that the innocent go free than to imprison the guilty. By any measure, Mr. Webster's ordeal should be far more unacceptable than the ordeals of the two rape victims. But somehow, that level of nuance doesn't seem to fit with the Sun's agenda to expose the police department's handling of rape cases.

The fact that the Baltimore Police department apparently leads the nation in labeling rape claims as "unfounded" should be investigated by unbiased persons. It is an anomaly that might suggest something is wrong. Underscore "might." But the Sun's effort to foment rape hysteria by focusing on two ten-year-old rapes, by citing conclusory allegations of the women who decided to drop those cases, and by suggesting that police should treat rape accuser's inconsistent accounts the same as consistent accounts -- in effect, just take the word of any purported rape victim that she was raped -- not only is absurd and childishly simplistic, it does a grave disservice to the presumptively innocent.

Bernard Webster's case should serve as a special reminder to Ms. Jessamy, quoted above, that her mission as a prosecutor is not "to pursue justice for all crime victims." Her mission is to pursue justice for everyone. And that includes flotsam like Bernard Webster, and the men and boys we report on every day in this Web site -- people the Baltimore Sun no longer seems to care about.

Woman jailed for false rape claim

A woman who made a false claim of rape because she wanted to split up with her husband has been sentenced to 18 months in prison.

Bernadett Kore, 29, claimed she had been raped by two men in an alleyway off Prince of Wales Road in October. She gave police a description of two black men she had seen in a nightclub that night, and police arrested the pair after checking the club CCTV records.

Nick Methold, prosecuting in Norwich Crown Court today, said that she went to police in October last year and gave “a long and detailed story…with gory and intimate details” of her supposed ordeal. He said: “Police had devoted considerable resources to it, sealing off the area and putting extra officers onto the case, at a cost of £15,000.”

He said that her claims had a damaging effect on the two men, who were not told that they were off the hook until Kore admitted her story was made up in February. One of the victims lost three stone in weight with worry. The college tutor of one of the men described how “he went from being a bright young man, open and vivacious, to being withdrawn, tired and lacking in motivation”. His college attendance also dropped. He said: “All that can be attributed directly to the actions of this defendant in making up this wicked story.”

Kore, who has a young child and lives on Friarscroft Lane, Wymondham, had previously admitted perverting the course of justice. She was told she would have to serve half her sentence.

Sentencing her, judge Alasdair Darroch said: “You have caused very serious damage to two innocent young men. I accept you did not name any individuals and it might have been that no-one was arrested but when people were arrested, you could have corrected the record.”

He said her offence was particularly serious because false claims of rape affect the minds of jurors trying genuine cases.

Jonathan Morgans, mitigating, said: “She went home drunk to her husband and came up with the story really to get rid of him. It snowballed from there. She couldn't have realised the extent to which it would grow and grow.

“She couldn't regret it more. She simply wishes to apologise for what she has done.”

He said she had previously been of good character.

Police emphasised that rape claims are taken seriously and that false claims are very rare. Det Insp Matt Sharman, previously head of Norfolk Police's rape unit, said: “This is the first false report of rape I have come across in Norfolk in more than 20 years."

[FRS Comment] - Well, Detective, while I seriously doubt it is the first false report in more than 20 years, unless your courts hand down a serious punishment, don't expect it to be your last.


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Another blow to the presumptively innocent accused of rape: the UK's anonymity plan is DOA

So much for the promises of politicians. First, it was going to be anonymity for the presumptively innocent accused of rape until conviction. Then, that was scrapped for anonymity until charge. Now the politicians don't want any legislation but want "to see whether a voluntary agreement could be reached on the pre-charge reporting of rape suspects."  Read it here:

Do we need to repeat the rationale for anonymity?  Anonymity does not send a message that rape victims should not be believed any more than anonymity for rape accusers sends a message that the men and boys they accuse should not be believed.  The message conveyed by this very limited anonymity policy is that the harm of publicly identifying the presumptively innocent who might have been falsely accused is unconscionable, because a rape claim is singularly loathsome and because, once a rape claim is alleged, unlike other allegations of criminality, it is nearly impossible to disprove.

Women will not stop coming forward to report rape even when the accused are anonymous. After all, women continue to come forward now even when the accused is, for example, a teen male who is legally anonymous. No one has ever made the argument that anonymity for that class of accuseds who are already legally anonymous is harmful to women, and the argument appears to be a false, belated, and gender politicized construction that has no place in the public discourse about a matter so serious.

It is, in fact, likely that more women will come forward if the men accused of rape are anonymous. When women cry rape and the man is identified, since most rapes are of the acquaintance variety, it often isn't difficult to infer who the accuser is. It is reasonable to assume that most rape victims would prefer not to have their identities revealed by inference.

But none of that matters. What matters in politics is power. Women's groups are organized and committed.  They have the power.  We do not. 

But power or no, the next time a young man is beaten, killed, or takes his own life because his name was splashed all over the news for a rape he didn't commit, everyone needs to know who has blood on his and her hands: the spineless politicians who feared women's groups, and, of course, the women's groups themselves.  Not that the latter will ever acknowledge their complicity in the evil done by false rape accusers.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Rape Culture 101 -- Journey to the Dark Side

by Connie Chastain*

I mentioned in my first FRS essay that tracking down the origins of rape culture would comprise research for future essays.

I must confess, though, that I'm far less interested in researching the origins of rape culture, which I don't even believe exists, and more interested examining the primary motivation behind the claims for it, the same one that fuels feminism -- hatred of men.

Toward this end, I recently went through the web in search of feminist sites and blogs to help with my research. To my delight, I found much of my work already done for me.

Take Part, Inspiration to Action, , a website that encourages activism on left of center issues, has a list of "Top Ten Feminist Blogs," some of which the readers of The False Rape Sociey are no doubt familiar with.

The list was compiled two years ago by Bostonian Giulia Rozzi, who does not identify the criteria she used to choose these particular blogs, which is understandable when you think about it. Whim seems as acceptable a rationale for much feminist decision-making as objective standards do.

In any case, whatever Rozzi's criteria, the Top Ten Femnist Blogs are (if you're interested):

1. Feministing -

2. Feministe -

3. Our Bodies Our Blog -

4. Jezebel -

5. Broadsheet (part of -

6. Finally Feminism 101 -

7. Women in Media & News Blog -

8. Holla Back NYC -

9. MediaGirl -

10. Bitch Magazine -

I haven't visited all of these blogs. In fact, I've hardly visited any of them to date. See, I have a really low threshold for feminist BS and can only take small, measured exposures to it at any given time. But I will visit them, looking for what they say about rape culture, and what they probably won't say, but may otherwise reveal, about the man-hatred that underlies such claims, for future essays, as promised.

Rozzi follows up her list with an acknowledgement that there are many more "fabulous female-focused blogs out there."

Imagine my surprise, then, when I discovered, quite by accident, that one of the most viscerally male-hating blogs I have ever encountered is run by ... a man. (Or so the blogger claims.) I'm speaking of "A Radical Profeminist."

The blog's banner sez, "This blog exists to challenge white heterosexual male supremacy as an institutionalized ideology and a systematized set of practices which are misogynistic, heterosexist, racist, genocidal, and ecocidal."

Oh, goody. Sounds like I've come to the right place. Anybody who has something to say about so many subjects based on man-hating and male-bashing will surely have comments on claims of rape culture and false rape accusations.

The problem, I discovered after a few minutes of looking around over there, is that the blogger, who claims his name is Julian Real, appears to be completely demented.

This guy concocts his own terminology that requires a fabricated glossary; he remains secure in his "radical profeminist" hatred of men (if they're white and hetero) by a commenting policy that allows no challenging opinions. His blog is stuffed like a turkey on Thankgsiving. Look down the right sidebar at all the links, labels and previous posts. Among them, you'll find Real's bio, which says he is disabled, which explains why he has so much time to create and then wallow in such hatred. Men (and women) who have to go to work and earn the money to put the 'taters on the table don't have time for such foolishness. (And this is no smear of the disabled, either. I've known numerous disabled folks who spent their time doing positive things.)

Demented or not, when I stumbled across the site, I was on a mission, so I stayed long enough to look for posts on rape culture. A search of the site using that terminology reveals eight pages of articles, the first one a movie review of The Karate Kid remake written by Malik Diamond, "hip-hop medicine man from the fifth dimension." (I'm not making this up.)

I have to say, after visiting Julian Real's little corner of cyber-insanity, it'll be a bit of a relief to get back to ordinary man-hating from, say, Michael Kimmel at Feministing. At least Mr. Kimmel's stuff reads like he was sober when he wrote it.

About the best thing I can say about Real's blog is that visiting it doesn't cause permanent brain damage.

*Connie is a member of the FRS team. Her weekly essays appear every Friday. Her personal blog is

Sexual assault counselors are treated as unbiased sources, even when they claim only three out of 'thousands' of rape claims are false

The sexual grievance industry has managed to convince news outlets in the US, the UK, Australia and New Zealand -- and I am sure pretty much everywhere else, too -- that its representative are unbiased and objective when it comes to rape.  Generally, they are not. They are "victims'" advocates whose livelihoods depend on convincing enough people that rape is a very serious problem. The following news story illustrates the dangers in believing unconditionally the purported factual assertions of such an advocate.

The Sexual Assault Response Services of Southern Maine is in the news in connection with a false rape claim.  Before we discuss that news story, let's furnish a little backgrounds on SARSSM.  Here is its Web site -- -- don't trust what I'm about to tell you, check it out for yourself.  Among many, many other things, SARSSM asserts the following: "Consent is only possible when there is equal power."  (What on earth does that mean?  Since President Obama is widely considered the most powerful person on earth, is he committing rape every time he has sex with his wife? SARSSM has a handout on consent that would be hilarious if it were not so frightening -- judge for yourself, here.)  "If someone gives you alcohol or drugs so they can have sex with you, that is a crime."  (I am aware of no such crime.  Are you? Loosening inhibitions with alcohol has been a mating practice for longer than anyone can remember.  The "crime" aspect can occur only after a certain level of intoxication.) Among actions that mean "no" is "Looking down." (Maybe the woman dropped something?) "1 in 4 college women will be raped during their collegiate career." (Disproved over and over and over, yet repeated with the repitition of the jungle tom-tom.)  "Factoring in unreported rapes, about 6% - 1 out of 16 - of rapists will ever spend a day in jail. 15 out of 16 will walk free." (The implication is that every reported rape  and every unreported rape -- determined from who-knows-what -- was an actual rape.  The absurdity of that assertion is self-evident.)

In sum, SARSSM is a worthy representative of the sexual grievance industry, which hardly ever met a rape claim it disbelieved.  Now let's discuss the news story that features SARSSM.

On Wednesday of this week, it was reported that a 22-year-old woman -- and yes, I am going to name her -- Maryanne Morin -- was charged with filing a false report after she recanted her story about five men assaulting her on the popular running trail.  The chief of police of police noted that "she was emotionally distraught" but correctly added: "There's no reason, I don't care what. There's no justifiable reason for her to make up a horrific incident like this."

Then the news report is padded with "information" obtained from a SARSSM representative, without challenge. "Falsifying an incident such as this could have a negative effect on sexual assault victims and those who help them, experts said." 

Oh, gee, they forgot to mention that falsifying an incident like this could have an extremely negative effect on men and boys victimized by the lie. You know, having their lives destroyed and all that. But that's not even alluded to.

It goes on: "'It's frustrating. We do a lot to disperse the myths amid sexual assault. One of them being, that women cry rape, so we've worked hard to dispel that,' sexual assault response services worker Cyndi Amato said."

I'm sorry: it's a "myth" that women "cry rape"?  That's not a myth. And it's not a myth that too many women falsely cry rape.

"At the response center, advocates provide crisis counseling and help victims file police reports."  Note that they only help "victims."  So they don't help women who falsely accuse men and boys of rape? Somehow that surprises me.

"[O]ne false incident could discourage victims from speaking up in the future."  Newsflash: if there were only one false incident, that wouldn't discourage anyone from doing anything. The fact is, there are countless false rape claims.  While it can't be seriously be disputed that the frequency of false rape claims lowers the credibility of rape claimants, the extent to which legitimate victims are put-off from reporting by false claims has never been demonstrated, and it cannot be said with any assurance that any are put-off.  One thing is for certain: false rape claims are not stopping false accusers from reporting, seemingly with increasing frequency.

Ms. Amato, the SARSSM representative quoted in the story, said: "I think it discourages people because somebody made a false report. 'When I go file, is that what they think I'm doing, too?' And I guess the message is, 'No, people will believe you.'"

Ms. Amato seems not concerned at all that believing a rape claim necessarily involves believing that the man or boy she accuses is a rapist, without any due process.

The story continues: "Both the police department and Sexual Assault Response Services of Maine said it's very rare someone would falsify a report." (The police actually believe that?  Seriously?  That does not comport with the beliefs of other police officers we've reported here.) 

But here's the kicker:

"Amato said she's helped process thousands of sexual assault cases and has only encountered three that were made up."

Do the math on that. Susan Brownmiller's two percent canard was famously debunked. See, e.g., The Truth Behind Legal Dominance Feminism's 'Two Percent False Rape Claim' Figure, where Edward Greer painstakingly traced the two percent claim to its baseless origin, and "Until Proven Innocent," the widely praised (praised even by the New York Times, which the book skewers -- as well as almost every other major U.S. news source) and landmark study of the Duke Lacrosse non-rape case, where authors Stuart Taylor and Professor K.C. Johnson explain that the exact number of false claims is elusive but "[t]he standard assertion by feminists that only 2 percent" of sexual assault claims "are false, which traces to Susan Brownmiller's 1975 book 'Against Our Will,' is without empirical foundation and belied by a wealth of empirical data."

Yet this SARSSM representative says she's helped "thousands" -- presumably meaning at least 2,000 -- sexual assault victims and has only encountered three false claims.

Let that sink in: the assertion that two out of 100 was shown to be baseless, but a mainstream news outlet parrots, without challenge, the assertion that, in the experience of a sexual assault counselor involving at least 2,000 claims, only three were false.

How does Ms. Amato know that only three were false?  Seriously?  Did she evaluate all the evidence?  Did she question the alleged rapists in any of these claims to get their side of the story?  Or does she invariably follow her own advice to purported rape victims: "People will believe you"?

The fact that advocate organizations like SARSSM are cited as unbiased, impartial experts on rape with regularity by news outlets is troubling. These are advocate organizations whose livelihood depends on rape being perceived as a serious problem. I suspect that the news outlets don't even realize -- and worse, they don't care -- that they are being fed a diet of "information" that does not comport with respected, objectively verifiable sources. 

The actual news story is after the jump:

Police, Community Stunned At False Rape Report

Experts Say Case Makes Situation Harder For Real Victims

PORTLAND, Maine -- Portland police still don't know why a 22-year-old woman made false allegations about a sexual assault at Back Cove.

Maryanne Morin, 22, of Portland, was charged with filing a false report, after she recanted her story about five men assaulting her on the popular running trail.

Morin recanting her story caused concern and even anger throughout the community.

Investigators still aren't releasing details about Morin, but said what she did was a waste of department resources and taxpayers money.

"She was emotionally distraught," Portland Police Chief James Craig said.

During an in-depth interview with police, investigators said Morin confessed she made up the story.

"There's no reason, I don't care what. There's no justifiable reason for her to make up a horrific incident like this," Craig said.

Falsifying an incident such as this could have a negative effect on sexual assault victims and those who help them, experts said.

"It's frustrating. We do a lot to disperse the myths amid sexual assault. One of them being, that women cry rape, so we've worked hard to dispel that," sexual assault response services worker Cyndi Amato said.

At the response center, advocates provide crisis counseling and help victims file police reports.

They said one false incident could discourage victims from speaking up in the future.

"I think it discourages people because somebody made a false report. 'When I go file, is that what they think I'm doing, too?' And I guess the message is, 'No, people will believe you,'" Amato said.

Both the police department and Sexual Assault Response Services of Maine said it's very rare someone would falsify a report.

In fact, Amato said she's helped process thousands of sexual assault cases and has only encountered three that were made up.


Woman jailed for making false rape claim

A SURBITON woman has been jailed after falsely accusing two men of raping her.

Eloise O'Donovan, 19, told police she was seriously sexually assaulted in Vale Road South, on July 26 last year. She identified the men, who were arrested, and officers from the Sapphire Unit started investigating the alleged attack.

But her lies soon unravelled and evidence against her version of events piled up, shifting the focus of the investigation on to her.

She was eventually arrested and pleaded guilty of attempting to pervert the course of justice at Kingston Crown Court on June 17. The teenager was sentenced to two years in prison.

Investigating officer DC Aine Matthews said: "We are committed to conducting professional and impartial investigations that seek the truth and ultimately bring those responsible to justice. Making a false allegation is a rare but serious criminal offence, which puts those who are falsely accused through a very emotional ordeal.

"Where there is evidence of false allegations, we will refer cases to the Crown Prosecution Service to decide whether a prosecution is in the public interest."


Thursday, July 22, 2010

A terrible idea: throw boys in jail after their partners agree to have sex -- because their partners' agreements were non-verbal

A reader of this blog posited an absolutely terrible idea:

". . . what do you all think about the 'Yes means Yes' concept where a couple does not proceed with relations unless/until BOTH parties have made it verbally clear they are interested in...whatever they're doing to do? That would go a long way to clearing out any confusion and making it clear when a boundary is being crossed. IMO, this is a much safer practice for the man to avoid any 'confusion.' I'm not disagreeing at all that the women (or any intruded on party) needs to make it clear she does NOT want sex, but ensuring both DO is even better."

Here is why this feminist attempt at social engineering is an awful idea, and an exercise in man-hating:  virtually no one engages in sexual relations by asking for a verbal assent. Everyone knows that. This cockamamie idea would criminalize men, and men alone, for behaving the way people have found it acceptable to behave since the beginning of time.

If this were the law, young men would be sent to prison for many years, their lives destroyed, for engaging in sex even after the woman clearly and unequivocally nods her approval and indicates beyond any doubt, but non-verbally, that she wants to have sex. Far fetched?  If the law requires a verbal "yes" and no verbal "yes" was given, goodbye, Charlie. Ten years in prison for you. Your life is over. And if you are young and good looking, you stand a fairly good chance of being subjected to real rape (as opposed to this) in prison, repeatedly and for years.

This loopy plan is monstrously inhumane.  It's been floating around in various forms for years, and I've even seen feminists explain that once this plan is enacted, yes, for a while, some young men who really thought they had procured the woman's consent will be sent to prison, but that's an acceptable price to pay to change the way young men in general behave.

As if there weren't infirmities galore with this idea to begin with, just consider this: it would tack on yet another "he said/she said" credibility question to an area already rife with them.  That's all we need.

Spare me any further feminist "reforms."  Every time they have a reform, innocent men and boys end up behind bars.

Women admits false Norwich rape claim

A woman who made a false rape claim to police cost taxpayers £15,000, a court heard yesterday.

Bernadette Core, 29, of Friarscroft Lane, Wymondham, admitted attempting to pervert the course of justice between October 2009 and February 2010 by making a false allegation of rape when she appeared at Norwich Crown Court.

The court heard that Norfolk police spent £15,000 on the investigation before establishing that she made up the incident.

The charge came after she made a 999 call to Norfolk police in the early hours of October 4 claiming she had been raped at an house in Norwich.

Two men were arrested and interviewed by police but further investigations established that no crime had taken place.

Her case was adjourned for reports and she is due to be sentenced on June 24. Judge Peter Jacobs said he wanted a victim impact statement and told Core that it was a serious offence.

Det Insp Debbie Gunnill, from the force's vulnerable persons directorate, said that is was a rare case. She added that it should not deter victims from reporting genuine rapes to the police.

She said; “Norfolk constabulary treats all reports of rapes seriously and all are investigated thoroughly. On rare occasions, evidence obtained during an investigation may suggest a false allegation, in these cases we carefully consider all the facts in conjunction with the Crown Prosecution Service to decide whether it is appropriate to take action against the individual. Decisions are taken on a case by case basis.

“We are very mindful that such cases as this can have a negative impact however I would like to give my reassurance that we are committed to giving victims of rape the best service we can and encourage any person who has been raped to come forward.”

The case comes as ministers prepare to grant men the same right of anonymity as their alleged victims.

The government plans to pass a bill changing the law which allows suspects' names, ages and addresses to be published while rape victims are granted lifelong anonymity.

It is believed that defendants will be named once they are convicted of rape or plead guilty to the offence.

It is hoped the new measures will prevent the false reporting of rapes and stop innocent men's names and reputations being tarnished by having their details revealed in the media.


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

False rape claims are bad because they waste police time -- and, oh, secondarily, because they put innocent males through hell

There is a scene in Mel Brooks' Blazing Saddles where Taggart (played by Slim Pickins), the stupid and cruel overseer of the construction of a new railroad, comes upon two black workers, Bart and Charlie, who are standing on a hand-cart that is fast sinking into quicksand. Much to the chagrin of the soon-to-drown men, Taggart throws a rope around the hand-cart and drags it -- but not the men -- out of the quicksand.  "Dang, that was lucky," declares the much relieved Taggart, as the men struggle to keep from going under. "Doggone near lost a four hundred dollar handcar."  (Of course, when Bart, played by Cleavon Little, extricates himself from the quicksand -- no thanks to Taggart -- he takes a shovel to Taggart's head.)

And that's how I feel every time I read a story about a false rape claim where a police officer elevates the police department's expenditure of time on a wild goose chase over the suffering of the innocent man or boy targeted by the rape lie.  I could give you hundreds of examples of this over the past few years.

We need to start protesting such remarks by making our displeasure known to the police officer quoted, as well as to the newspaper where the quote appears. Aside from expressing an opinion that the far greater harm was to the innocent male and that it is grossly insensitive and unjust to think otherwise, it might also be pertinent, depending on the facts, to query why an innocent man or boy was arrested before a thorough investigation on the say-so of a lone accuser who turned out to be a liar?  We might want to add that protection of the public from harm is no excuse to lock up a presumptively innocent male on the mere possibility that he might be a rapist. Police do have a duty to protect the public from harm, but that includes protecting innocent men and boys from the harm that police do when they unjustly deprive the innocent of their liberty by acting as the unwitting instruments of false accusers.

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Surrey woman accused of making false rape claim

A 26-year-old woman has been charged with making a false allegation that she was raped in a Surrey walkway.

Police launched an investigation after it received a report of a sex attack in the Borelli Walk area, off South Street, Farnham, in April.

A Farnham woman is due before Guildford magistrates on 30 June accused of perverting the course of justice.

Officers said a man arrested on suspicion of rape in April had been eliminated from their inquiries.


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The government can tell you how many women ages 45-54 suffer 'typing or key entry' injuries but doesn't care how many men and boys are falsely jailed for rape

The Bureau of Labor Statistics gathers all manner of information, with varying levels of specificity, about every type of  occupational injury imaginable. The title of this post is true.  The government can tell you how many women in a select age group, on average, miss work due to carpal tunnel syndrome, and how many days they miss.  Another government bureau keeps track of stats on every sort of traffic fatality imaginable. Another keeps track of the number of fatalities caused by cancer causing compounds in meat.  And on and on it goes.

The government gathers this information because it is essential to understand the risk in order to be able to control it. If the risk rises to unacceptable levels, the government steps in and regulates the activity.  Risk management is big business for private businesses -- McDonalds can tell you how many people are burned by its coffee every year -- and it is important public policy for government.  It is crucial to know how dangerous a thing or an endeavor is -- whether it be the workplace, the Toyota Avalon we drive, the elevators we ride in at work, the air we breathe, the step ladder we climb on -- so that the risk of harm is kept at the acceptable threshold level. 

If, for example, fatalities are three times more likely to occur from riding in a certain model and make vehicle than from riding in the average vehicle, that likely would play an important role in the government's or the manufacturer's decision to recall it. Short of a recall, it would be important to the decisions to buy, to insure, and to continue to manufacture that particular car.  (Indeed, evidence that a manufacturer knew of an inordinate risk of a product but proceeded to sell it is often damaging evidence in a product liability trial.)

Yet, somehow -- incredibly -- we allow innocent men and boys to have their lives destroyed by being jailed and imprisoned for supposed rapes they didn't commit, and no one can say with any level of confidence how frequently that occurs.

Worse, the government and the persons who control the public discourse on this issue, don't care about having an accurate picture.

The entire field has become so politicized that most of what is written about it is unreliable.  Organizations such as NOW and RAINN rely on the U.S Department of Justice's National Crime Victimization Survey to insist that rape is rampant and largely underreported. What those organizations do not publicize is that this survey, conducted by in-person and telephone interviews, defines rape as follows: "Forced sexual intercourse including both psychological coercion as well as physical force. . . ."  You need to scroll to page 131 out of 133 to find that definition. Putting aside other problems with the definition, "psychological coercion," of course, can mean all manner of things that are not rape, including "I'll take your mother to the doctors tomorrow if you make love to me tonight."

All reliable indicators show that false rape claims are a significant problem. See, e.g., footnote one in this post.  But no one -- not RAINN, not NOW, and not the FBI -- knows how prevalent false rape claims are. Politicized representatives of the sexual grievance industry pretend to know, but they really don't.  A leading feminist legal scholar recently acknowledged: ". . . the statistics on false rape accusation widely vary and 'as a scientific matter, the frequency of false rape complaints to police or other legal authorities remains unknown.'" A. Gruber, Rape, Feminism, and the War on Crime, 84 Wash. L. Rev. 581, 595-600 (November 2009) (citation omitted).

Have you ever noticed that every time a feminist discusses false rape claims, she becomes an actuarial?  False rape claims, she posits, are an acceptable risk because there are so few of them and because there are so many actual rapes -- especially of the unreported variety.  "I'll start to become concerned about false rape claims," she gushes, "when false rape claims become half the problem rape is." Then she'll support her rant by trotting out statistics that are, again, wholly untrustworthy.

Mind you, many of the same people who are perfectly OK classifying even some innocent males as "acceptable risks" in the war on rape would be among the first to bellyache about "the greedy capitalists" if a manufacturer put a product in the stream of commerce knowing that even a few people would be injured by it. 

But the false rape problem is being permitted to fester without regulation, and no one is stepping in to say that the risk has exceeded acceptable levels because no one, aside from a few of us, even wants to know how serious the risk is. Seriously, isn't it time to insist on an independent government panel to give an accurate picture of the false rape problem?  A panel comprised of persons who are not connected in any way with the sexual grievance industry? 

Instead, we are kowtowing to rape feminists. And they are content to cover their eyes to the risk. Let us be honest: they would insist that no matter how egregious the false rape epidemic, it will always be acceptable risk.

A whirl around the wacky world of false rape claims

▲Imagine if a court convicted a black man of rape because he led his "victim" to believe he was white to gain her consent to have sex with him.  The widespread outrage, even among progressives, would be wholly justified.  Then consider that an Arab who had consensual sex with a woman who believed him to be Jewish was convicted yesterday of rape by deception and sentenced to 18 months in prison by the Jerusalem District Court. See here.

▲A New Mexico mayor is going to trial for misdemeanor assault and battery stemming from a fistfight with the publisher of the local newspaper that arose from newspaper articles linking the mayor to the gang rape of a teenage girl in 1948 when he was 16 years old. The mayor denies the allegations. See here.  We don't know if the rape actually occurred, and we don't condone violence unless it is essential.  We do note, however, that if a man resorts to fisticuffs to protect a woman from being raped, he's a hero. But if he resorts to fisticuffs to protect his good name and all that is important to him from a false rape claim, he's a criminal.  We further note that society does essentially nothing to protect men from the harm of false rape claims.

▲Fun fact of the day: guess which reviled scholar is relied on in the Koss report?  Yep. Studies by Prof. Eugene Kanin, who is widely attacked by rape feminists because of his landmark false rape studies, are cited as authoritative. Kanin's studies on male aggression and acquaintance rape in the 50s and 60s made him a pioneering feminist icon, a sociologist whose writings were quoted without question.  Suddenly, however, Kanin became a nitwit who knew nothing about "methodology" (the favorite word of rape feminists when attacking Kanin) when he wrote his false rape claim report.

▲From the archives: Add Judge G. Michael Prall to the Misandry Hall of Fame. A teenage girl who admitted that her rape lie unjustly sent a teenage boy to a juvenile detention center for more than three months and caused him to lose a football scholarship to the high school he wanted to attend, was sentenced to probation. "Putting her into a detention facility with some hardcore delinquents is not the answer to the problem. The main problem here is you have two children having sex," Prall told the girl. "This is an obvious reason why kids your age shouldn't do that. Save that activity for when you're older and get married."  See here

▲Ever wonder how the sexual grievance industry became institutionalized and so deeply embedded in our law enforcement apparatus?  Ever wonder why Congress was hoodwinked by the prevarications and hysteria of rape advocates?  As but one example, just look who testified at the VAWA hearings:  Mary Koss.  You want to lose your breakfast?  Read that article.

▲Here's a college girl who insists the word "rape" is being misused: "Some people have started using the term 'rape' to denote an egregiously bad, or inversely, extremely good outcome – e.g. that test 'raped' me or I 'raped' that test." She concludes: "Diluting an effect the word has on people’s consciousness may further skew a rape culture that often victimizes people who speak up for themselves/against their attackers."  See here.  Of course, using the words "kill" and "murder" in a colloquial sense is perfectly OK, I am sure, because murder is not deserving of the solemnity of rape. I mean, murders in the inner city are not nearly as serious as the countless rapes on our college campuses that no one is reporting.  I wonder if this college girl would support use of the term "second rape" to describe the rape "victim's" supposed experience when she reports rape. My guess is she'd be OK with that because that doesn't dilute the horror of the act, now does it?

▲Speaking of Prof. Kanin, I was recently viciously attacked on another forum for misrepresenting Kanin's false rape report (by someone who has never read the entire thing, I am quite certain): I discussed Kanin's study of the police records of two large Midwestern state universities which found false rape claims represented 50% of all forcible rape complaints. I was attacked because I pointed out that neither police agency employed the polygraph, and the person who attacked me wrongly insisted I was wrong.  I was, of course, correct.  (Kanin's study of the other police force that yielded 41% false claims is often attacked by rape feminists because that police force used polygraphs, which are verboten in VAWA-Land.)

Police: Woman arrested for a fake sexual assault report

IOWA CITY — Police arrested a woman Tuesday for fabricating a sexual assault accusation.

Officers said Elizabeth M. McDonald, 21, of Iowa City falsely reported herself as the victim of a sexual assault that she said took place in February of 2010 by an individual unidentified in police complaints.
Police said, McDonald provided authorities with a detailed written statement about the alleged assault, naming a suspect in the matter.

According to police complains McDonald’s current boyfriend decided to confront the suspected assaulter about the abuse. The boyfriend dressed in dark clothing and a ski mask allegedly hid himself in the man’s’ car during the early hours of the morning before he got off work.

Police said the boyfriend admitted he was attempting to scare and intimidate the man into giving him information about the assault.

The boyfriend was confronted by the man as well as his co-workers, who then fled before police arrived.
During the investigation, officers discovered that McDonald had lied in her incident report and was also making contact with the suspect without police knowledge.

Police said a recorded phone call was made to the suspected abuser where McDonald admitted she had made up the allegation and reported the fabricated incident to get back at the suspect out of spite.

McDonald also told police that she was not assaulted and she made a false report during a police interview.

Sexual Abuse is a third degree class C felony punishable by a maximum of 10 years in jail with a fine of at least $1,000 but not exceeding $10,000.

According to police McDonald was charged with False Report and third-degree harassment. Iowa City police said they didn’t have the complaint for McDonald’s third-degree harassment charge.

Monday, July 19, 2010

CHELMSFORD: Police time wasted on bogus rape allegation in Central Park

POLICE wasted an enormous amount of man-hours, money and effort on an investigation after a woman cried rape in Central Park.

Last week, the Chronicle reported the attack after police appealed for information on two men accused of dragging a woman into a nature reserve and raping her.

But a frustrated Chief Inspector Joe Wrigley told us on Monday: "The rape didn't happen. I want to reassure the public that there are not two rapists at large, lurking in Central Park.

"We had the complaint formally withdrawn and we will investigate whether she should be prosecuted.

"I want this to serve as a warning to people – if you make false allegations we will investigate you and seek to prosecute."

Mr Wrigley said the rape became their main priority and that detectives were pulled off other cases to assist.

"We do devote a great deal of time and energy to these cases, including e-fits, medical examinations, taking evidential statements, seeking further witnesses, building up intelligence and so on.

"There is an awful lot of stuff. To find it has been wasted is so frustrating."

Police had also issued an e-fit of an alleged suspect.

Ch Insp Wrigley went on to reiterate that people should be careful, use their common sense and stay in well-lit areas when walking through Chelmsford's park, but said this false allegation has created unnecessary fear among the public.

He added: "I think it's quite safe to walk through Central Park at most times but you can never say never.

"People have suffered horrible crimes at the hands of horrible people, but when somebody makes false allegations, it affects perception of what an area might be like.

"It's just not on. Now we have to repair the damage to the community built up by this false allegation."

During the investigation into wasting police time, someone will have to calculate how much this operation cost the police.

"We spent many hours investigating the crime," said Mr Wrigley.

"The reasons for making such false allegations are many.

"I would guess some people do it to seek attention, or when they have done something and are afraid of telling the truth, like they had consensual sex and say they were raped, to prevent themselves from criticism.

"I would like to add that type of rape, where a stranger or strangers takes hold of a woman or man they have never met before and subjects them to rape, is extremely rare.

"The vast majority occur within a domestic violence scenario. Generally the perpetrator is known to the victim.

"But where people do have genuine complaints of crime we will pull out all the stops to investigate as fully as possible.

"I would not wish to discourage anybody from making a complaint where a crime has occurred."


Sunday, July 18, 2010

"This blog is disgusting. I hope one day you are raped and no one believes you."

A comment from someone who identifies herself as "Alison" was left here, and reads as follows:

"This blog is disgusting.
I hope one day you are raped and no one believes you."

Ah, the enlightened, progressive, peace-loving devotees of the sexual grievance industry.

This is not the first time a feminist has publicly wished me to be raped.  And it won't be the last.

For reasons known only to Alison, her comment was tacked onto a post that started as follows: "Orlando police said 'false reporting has reached an epidemic level' after the recent 'spike' in false rape reports."  My guess is that Alison is the same reader who previously wrote this, on the same thread: "Oh of course, it's all a conspiracy against males. None of you here have ever done anything as despicable as date rape, right."

Right. Because if we speak up for the falsely accused, we must really be date rapists.

Note it's not the false accusers who are "disgusting" (as a lot of rape victims who read our blog have told us they believe), but rather our blog.  Again, let's be honest. We're disgusting because we defend the falsely accused. And people like Alison believe that anyone accused of rape is a rapist.

Well, Alison, our hope is different than yours. We hope that every rape victim is believed, and every false rape accuser is incarcerated for many years as an example to other would-be liars.  The two go hand-in-hand.