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Off topic: This is what you call 'male privilege'

Another photo from this website, this one from 1930. "This photograph was taken after the lynching of two young black men accused of raping a white girl. They were hanged by a mob of 10,000. The faces of the crowd are very telling. A third man was saved by the girls uncle who said he was innocent."  We recently discussed America's shameful history mistreating men falsely accused of rape here.

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Hofstra false rape victims speak out

Below is an excerpt from a news story about a television show (The Steve Wilkos Show) where three of the false rape victims appeared. Please note the rampant victim blaming, especially by the ex-Marine, ex-police officer host -- it was the boys who showed poor judgment. And note the talk about protecting our daughters. "Our daughters?" Yep. Our daughters. Seems our daughters weren't the ones in need of protection in the Hofstra case, but the discussion seems to sort of assume that the young men commit a kind of legal rape. Finally, please note that one of the falsely accused young men isn't allowed to play baseball at his college because he would be a bad influence.

This story shows how far we still have to go.

Link to full story: -- but here's the pertinent part.

In the final segment of the night, three of the five men falsely accused of rape took center stage.

Rachelle Wilkos applauded the courage it took for the men to tell their stories.

"I wouldn't want my daughter involved in something like this, but it was pretty brave of them to come on the show," she said.

"In these cases, you don't often hear the whole story. You always hear about the rape victim. Here, these boys' lives are ripped apart."

During the taping, Steve Wilkos pointed out that two of the accused watched and filmed the consensual sex between the woman and two of the men.That video footage caused the case against the men to crumble, and prompted the woman to say she lied about being raped.

"I think you all showed bad judgment," Wilkos said. "In a way, that video was a good thing to save your (butts). I'm not being a prude, and I enjoy sex as much as the next guy. Maybe if you hold yourselves to a higher level of conduct, stuff like this wouldn't happen."

While most of the audience's response was empathetic toward the three men, one female student -- a junior at Hofstra -- felt the issue was being trivialized.

"I thought (the false rape charge) was horrible," she said. "What you do in your private life is your business. But you're making a circus out of this."

Wilkos disagreed, saying this is just an opportunity for the men to tell their side of the story.

"We're not making a circus out of it; this is the point of the show," the host said.

"I want to do everything to protect my daughter and everyone else's daughter."

One of the accused, 20-year-old Jesus Ortiz, said he's trying to turn the horror of having his name dragged through the headlines into a positive.

"People said I was a monster," Ortiz said. "I can't play baseball (at Bronx Community College) because the coach says I'm a negative influence on the team. I want to be a social worker or guidance counselor to help people like they helped me."

Serial rape liar who falsely accused a number of men gets 45 month sentence

COMMENT: The news story below is especially appropriate in light of our discussion this week about how this site is allied with rape victims. A serial false accuser who disrupted the lives of several innocent people -- men and a woman -- with wild and patently false rape tales, is finally, and at long last, being held accountable for them. Her sentence is three years and nine months.

Why must it take repeated lies, and multiple innocent persons harmed, before false accusers are punished? And what if this woman ever was actually raped? Need we remind you of this fable?

By countenancing the rape lies, we not only hurt the immediate victims of her venom, we also hurt actual rape victims. Each rape lie that was excused without punishment only underscored to police and to the persons who learned of them that, yes, unstable persons walk among us who have no hesitation about falsely crying rape, and who threaten to destroy not just innocent men and boys but entire families with their falsehoods. By countenancing one rape lie after the next, we chip away at the credibility of rape victims who have legitimate need to cry rape. When we allow unstable, vengeful, and scared women to spin tales of sexual invasion with impunity and without deterrence -- tales that too often destroy the lives of the innocent -- we discourage actual victims from coming forward, and it makes it impossible to plausibly or justly insist that the public must believe women when they say they were raped.


Ardgay woman jailed after false rape claims

AN Ardgay woman who falsely claimed that she was raped on two separate occasions and assaulted on another, was this week jailed for two years and nine months.

Heather Bremner, 1 Struie Place, accused a number of men of raping her, including her husband.

Police launched two major enquiries and spent hours investigating the false allegations, Dornoch Sheriff Court heard.

The 38-year-old, who has an alcohol problem, was also examined by a police surgeon, and a forensic scientist was brought in to help with the enquiries.

Bremner appeared for sentencing at Monday's court having previously admitted three charges of wasting police time by making the false representations. Sentence had been deferred for background reports, including a psychiatric assessment.

Sheriff David Sutherland told Bremner he had no option but to impose a term of imprisonment.

He said: "Any allegation of rape, given the enormity of the crime, is taken very seriously and considerable police resources are involved and often officers are diverted from other enquiries.

"You have made such allegations not once, but on two separate occasions, placing - in one charge - your husband under suspicion, and indeed under detention, and on the other charge making allegations against a local woman and various local men.

"I do not consider, having read all the reports, that I can deal with this case other than by a custodial sentence."

Police were first called to Bremner's home in February 2003, prosecutor Roderick Urquhart told the court.

Officers found her in a distressed state and causing damage to her own home. She claimed then that she had been raped in November the previous year.

Bremner alleged her drink had been spiked during an evening out in Lairg. She came to in an unknown house where she claimed she was struck on the back of her head by a woman and raped by a number of men.

She claimed to have made a 999 emergency call from the house at the time.

Fiscal Mr Urquhart said a subsequent enquiry revealed that there had indeed been an emergency call made on 16 November, 2002, from the accused saying she did not know where she was.

"The operator spoke to at least three different men in the house and Mrs Bremner could be heard in the background. She did not appear to be distressed or upset and there was no suggestion of an attack. She appeared to be drunk," said the fiscal.

"As a result of the 999 call, the house was identified and some of the people identified. A woman was asked to come to the police station and was interviewed under caution."

Police eventually decided there was insufficient evidence to proceed with a prosecution and the case was closed on 30 April 2003 when it was decided to take no further action.

The enquiry involved five police officers who spent numerous hours attempting to track down and interview witnesses.

Said Mr Urquhart: "It was a significant enquiry and had a significant effect on the woman who was referred to. She was not simply placed under suspicion but was also interviewed under caution."

Bremner's second rape allegation occurred on 8 March 2008 when she phoned Dornoch Police Station and alleged she had been raped and indecently assaulted at Bonar Bridge by her husband in the early hours of that morning.

Another major enquiry was launched involving nine police officers, two police surgeons and one forensic scientist. Bremner was taken to the victim suite at Inverness and examined by a doctor.

Her husband was detained but was "notably distressed and embarrassed" and denied everything that his wife claimed had happened.

Fiscal Mr Urquhart said the enquiry was called off when samples sent for examination by a forensic scientist were found not to be consistent with Bremner's claims. Other people in her house also contradicted her account.

Said the fiscal: "The number of hours expended on this enquiry have not been calculated, but will certainly be in the three figures."

Bremner made another false accusation just four months later, on 17 July 2008, when she called in at Invergordon Police Station, accompanied by a support worker, to claim that she had woken in the early hours of that morning to find a former partner standing over her as she lay on the couch in the living room.

She alleged that he had picked up a number of her pet rabbits and stabbed them in the stomach.
She said the animals were screaming in pain and she had wrapped them up in a towel and placed them outside. When she went back in, her former partner kicked her.

Continued the fiscal: "As a result of that, several police officers went to her house but no trace could be found of the rabbits referred to. The officers then went to her former partner's house. He said he had been asleep at the time of the incident. He gave permission for his clothing to be seized and checked for signs of blood.

"There were discrepancies in Bremner's accounts. She was detained and interviewed and during the course of that she admitted that on each occasion she had lied."

Defence agent Diane Macfarlane said her client had been abusing alcohol for nearly 20 years, beginning at the age of 16.

Psychologists brought in to assess Bremner were of the opinion that she had a borderline personality disorder as a result of an extremely difficult childhood.

Defence agent Ms Macfarlane told the court: "It would appear that because of her childhood experiences, Miss Bremner places herself in high risk situations and has difficulty assessing other people's motivations and intentions.

"This combined with her dependence on alcohol has resulted in a set of circumstances where Miss Bremner does not necessarily understand the situation she is in, thereafter has blacked out and then come to and pieces information together in an inappropriate way, resulting in her belief that she has been abused in some way."

Ms Macfarlane said her client had been in a relationship with her current partner for a year and now did not drink at all.

"She would now appear to be at the point that she can now meaningfully address her alcohol problem," said the lawyer.

But Ms Macfarlane acknowledged that a social enquiry report had identified Bremner as at a high risk of re-offending and in need of professional guidance.

Passing sentence, Sheriff Sutherland indicated that had Bremner not admitted the offences at the earliest opportunity, she would have been jailed for four years rather than 45 months.He also ordered that on her release she be placed on a supervised order for a year.


Mom arrested for bogus rape allegations against police officers

The story starts with a line attempted to garner sympathy -- stating she is a mother.

In addition, isn't it funny how police always make a point of stating there will be consequences when a cop is falsely accused? Shouldn't that be the case for EVERY FRA? I guess you and I don't merit the same consideration as law enforcement.

Nicole Soto charged for FRA

SAN ANTONIO -- A San Antonio mom was arrested after claiming two San Antonio police officers sexually assaulted her.

The police department took 26-year-old Nicole Soto's allegations against the officers seriously and launched an investigation. However, after five months of questioning witnesses and conducting DNA tests, investigators determined Soto made up the story.

Police were called out to the parking lot of the West Durango Plaza Apartments back in April after witnesses reported finding Soto's 16-month-old baby inside a car alone. Soto claimed she was raped by the two officers when they put her in custody for allegedly abandoning her child.

According to an affidavit, Soto claimed "a white officer and a Mexican officer arrested her..." and that "the Mexican officer forced her to the ground..." where she said she was sexually assaulted.

"When a report is made, we expect the person who is making the report to tell us what happened and not fabricating it for whatever reason," said San Antonio Police Chief Bill McManus.

Now that the investigation has determined Soto's claims were false, she will face charges.

"When someone does make false allegations against police officers, there's a consequence to it," added Chief McManus.

Soto was charged with falsifying a police report and released on bond. While out on bond for those charges, she was arrested again this week for possession of marijuana.

News 4 WOAI checked with Child Protective Services and was told Soto's baby is staying with relatives.


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If you didn't enjoy the sex, just accuse the guy of rape!

"Why would women lie about rape?" cry the false rape deniers, as if it is so incredible. Professor Kanin described three principal reasons women lie about rape: (1) It "serve[s] the complainants’ need to provide a plausible explanation for some suddenly foreseen, unfortunate consequence of a consensual encounter, usually sexual,with a male acquaintance." (2) It is "a means of retaliating against a rejecting male." And (3) It is an attention/sympathy-getting device.

The following news story fits into none of those categories. It ranks among the more cold-hearted motives I've seen for a rape lie, which is saying a lot. We once reported on a woman who cried rape because she wanted a day off from work. And we've seen women cry rape to get out of paying for a taxi ride. I could write a book about women seeking to hurt men for a variety of reasons with false rape charges (come to think of it, I am writing a book). But this case is especially loathsome for its cavalier cruelty. When you read cases like this, you need to feel the outrage by imagining you are the innocent man who was falsely accused, and also an actual rape victim who sees women like these two lower the credibility of all rape victims.


False Rape Claim Over Bad Sex

Cops: Tennessee women solicited cigarettes in exchange for liaison

JANUARY 28--Two Tennessee women who accused a man of rape have admitted to cops that they had consensually agreed to sex with him in exchange for a pack of cigarettes. One woman told investigators that the duo filed a phony police report because they "didn't enjoy the sex," according to cops. Jessica Kathleen Alexander, 18, and Tammy Nicole Ortega, 29, were arrested today for filing a false police report. Alexander, top, and Ortega are pictured below in mug shots taken by the Washington County Sheriff's Office. The women had originally claimed that they had been assaulted last night by two men outside a Telford home. But Alexander and Ortega subsequently confessed to having a consensual encounter with a man they had met on a telephone chat line (and who agreed to their sex-for-cigarettes proposition). After recanting the rape claim, Alexander told cops that they accused the man "because they didn't enjoy the sex," according to a sheriff's news release. Both women are being held in the county lockup in advance of their scheduled arraignment tomorrow morning in Jonesborough Session Court. Police have not identified the accused man, who still could be charged with solicitation in connection with the sex-for-cigarettes arrangement.

Check out their photos:

Police Determine Sex Was Consensual

I was unable to find a news report for this story, so I will have to take it with a grain of salt. If anyone can find more on it, please share the link. The link in the middle of the story is to the Docket report on the case, with the charges being filed.

Police determine sex was consensual.

After an intensive investigation, which included interviews, polygraphs, forensic work and lab analysis, Pennsylvania State Police have determined that the rape allegations against two known males, alleged to have occurred in Wharton Township, Potter County, on April 26, 2009, were false.

Troopers said it was determined that while sexual intercourse took place, it was consensual.

Jennifer Micale, 19, of Brusselles Street, St. Mary's, PA, is being charged by troopers with several counts of filing False Reports, in District Court 55-3-01.

On April 26, 2009, the then 18-year-old woman, told police two men drove her to a camp along Route 872 in Wharton Township at 2:30 in the afternoon, raped her and drove her home. Police have never released the identity of the two known male suspects who were accused.

The news release said the investigation, which has spanned several months, is continuing.


The ripple effect damage from false and unfounded rape claim claims: another example

New Ferry teenager gets detention after stabbing

A YOUTH stabbed his friend in the back after a row over an unfounded rape allegation, a court has heard.

Simon Kelly had been arrested about two months earlier following an alleged rape but police decided not to charge him after analysis of DNA evidence.

On August 5 last year he spent the day with his friend, Daniel Turnbull, and they ended up at Kelly's home drinking.

Kelly's brother Stephen and his sister, Ali, were also there and the catalyst for trouble was when Stephen and Mr Turnbull began talking about the rape allegation, said Simon Duncan, prosecuting.

There was some pushing and shoving which culminated in Kelly storming off about 10.30pm.

About an hour later Mr Turnbull went home to his flat in New Ferry accompanied by Stephen.

Later Kelly arrived with his sister and the dispute erupted again, said Mr Duncan.

Mr Turnbull was in the kitchen making a cup of tea when Kelly repeatedly shouted at him to get out of the kitchen.

He glared at Mr Turnbull and grabbed the knife block and held a large knife in his right hand and four knives in his left hand.

As Mr Turnbull left the kitchen he looked back and saw Kelly lunging at him with the biggest knife and he arched his back to avoid injury.

He continued walking and did not feel any pain but then discovered he had been stabbed in the right shoulder blade.

He heard knives being thrown at Mr Kelly's brother and sister and Kelly was ejected from the flat. Mr Turnbull did not initially make a complaint to police as they were friends but later did so.
He had suffered a four cm full thickness cut to his shoulder blade which needed three stitches.
Kelly, 18, of Winstanley Road, New Ferry, pleaded guilty to wounding and was sentenced to 16 months detention.

Chris Williams, defending, said that after the rape allegation Kelly had been arrested and had samples taken after which the police decided to take no further action.

Meanwhile jobless Kelly had been targeted and was the subject of graffiti in the area and he was upset when the matter was brought up again that night.

His partner gave birth to his first child, a boy, just three days ago, said Mr Williams.

Judge Gerald Clifton told Kelly: "The Court of Appeal has made it clear that injuries caused by knives in criminal circumstances are very serious indeed.

"I would be failing in my duty if I passed a non-custodial sentence.

"You have previous convictions for assault and the time has come when there must be a custodial sentence," he said.


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A funny thing happened on the the way to raise awareness about false rape claims -- we discovered we were also helping rape victims

"Those who enable false accusers by sticking their heads in the sand to further their own political or ideological ends are aiding and abetting the destruction of society's most important asset for stopping rape: the credibility of rape victims."

This is an important post. It is time to underscore something we've been building up to for two years -- this blog's alliance with rape victims.

This blog has taken some peculiar turns. At the outset, we recognized that victims of false rape claims have important interests that are being ignored, so we decided to write a serious article about it. We began collecting news accounts about false rape claims simply to track the problem, and to develop a library, primarily for our own personal use. We decided to do this in the form of a blog so that we could share our resources with others interested in the same problem.

Several things happened along the way, some expected, some very unexpected. We encountered the expected hate screeds from extreme feminists. That was, as I learned, unavoidable. Anyone who suggests that the falsely accused have special concerns is attacked in this goofy political climate. But more important, we quickly discovered that in story after story after story, a common concern expressed by judges and law enforcement officials and sexual assault counselors was the effect of the lie on rape victims. Some of those sentiments were expressed out of a political correctness that improperly placed the concerns of hypothetical rape victims over flesh-and-blood victims of false rape claims. But, the more that we read, the more convinced we are that a lot of those concerns are sincere. We all agree rape needs to be treated seriously, but with every false rape claim, that becomes much more difficult.

But then something astounding happened, something we weren't prepared for when we started. We began to hear from women who've been personally touched by rape -- and amazingly, they supported our work. Perhaps it shouldn't have amazed us, knowing what we now know. These women joined us in expressing their outrage for the false accusations, because they don't approve of hurting innocent people and because false accusations trivialize their own ordeals. For our part, we joined them in expressing our communion with their victimization.

It might surprise some readers to learn that, in general, we receive some of our most supportive communications from women. Perhaps this is because women have been instilled with fear about rape since childhood -- yes, much of that fear is irrational, but that's not their fault -- but they seem to appreciate better than most men the crucial importance of a woman's credibility, and they know it is her greatest asset should the need ever arise to legitimately cry rape.

I have preached from the outset that we are allied with rape victims. When I receive emails from men looking for help, and the events they describe sound to me like rape, I can't help them -- they need to go elsewhere for help because that's not what we do. It is not my goal to help rapists beat the wrap.

Our focus on this site is false rape claims, and false rape claims hurt their direct victims, the falsely accused men and boys. They also indirectly hurt every woman and girl who might someday need to legitimately cry rape. Rape is an awful crime, and it's "he said/she said" nature makes discerning the truth extremely difficult. It requires painstaking police work. In a perfect world, only rape victims would cry rape. We will never achieve perfection, but through a misguided politicization of sex crimes, our society has enabled false accusers to spin their lies -- and they not only hurt countless men and boys and even some women with their falsehoods, they slowly erode the credibility of rape victims, one lie at a time.

So what's the solution? Stick our heads in the sand? That's what some want us to do, and it's exactly the wrong approach. We can't pretend it doesn't happen. People see that it happens -- it's in the news, and people in the community hear about it. Jurors know about it, too, and it's impossible for them to leave their preconceptions at the courthouse door. Moreover, those of us who want to help false rape victims simply can't pretend it doesn't happen -- it isn't fair to ignore their victimization, as we've done for too long. In any event, ignoring the problem won't solve it.

So we need to do something about it. We need to hold the false accusers accountable for their lies and deter them much better than we do -- because only then will false rape claims be substantially reduced. And we need to better protect the reputations of the presumed innocent and to insure that they are not unfairly deprived of their liberty prior to an adjudication simply to appease politicized interests.

This site, in an unexpected way, is an important resource for helping rape victims. Those who oppose us -- those who enable false accusers by sticking their heads in the sand to further their own political or ideological ends -- are aiding and abetting the destruction of society's most important asset for stopping rape: the credibility of rape victims. Read that last sentence again and again. It is irrefutable. And let us be perfectly frank: some of those who oppose us do so for no reason other than the fact that we primarily help men. The good news is that a lot of women who were actually raped "get it" -- we are among your staunchest allies, and you need to ignore those who play gender politics and join with us.

Mother sues DHS for placing child in foster care

A couple of things that make me wonder in this case. Most times, a convicted sex offender isn't allowed to have contact with children. I realize his may be a case of a 17 year old with his 15 year old girlfriend (we don't know because it doesn't state). Was she arrested? Was she investigated? It is amazing that such isn't even stated in the article. But a false allegation, is a false allegation. Doesn't matter who files it.

Lawsuit over false sexual assault allegation that placed child in foster care.

GUERNSEY, Iowa – A Johnson County woman is suing the Iowa Department of Human Services for placing her 5-year-old daughter in foster care based on a false allegation.

In the lawsuit filed Tuesday, 20-year-old Jessica Wilbur of Guernsey contends DHS staff placed her child in foster care based on document signed by the child’s noncustodial father, Robert Nino, a convicted sex offender.

Nino reportedly took the girl for a weekend visit, did not return her, and filed a false sexual abuse complaint against Wilbur. Nino then signed a voluntary foster care placement agreement, and the child spent two weeks in foster care.

The abuse allegation was deemed to be false, but Wilbur’s attorney says the department refused to return the child until after an article about the case ran in The (Cedar Rapids) Gazette.


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Great, great video by Gogonostop


To watch it in high def, go to:

Thanks to Gogonostop, who posts videos on YouTube
Gogonostop is reachable at

Double standards: False accusers shouldn't apologize, but teen males convicted of statutory rape for having sex with teen girls must

In a story we'll be reporting on soon, a Florida woman who didn't want her boyfriend to leave her for cheating made up a story she was raped. Police are prepared to ask her to pay for the six hours of investigation instead of jail time.  Beneath the story, readers left typically outraged comments, and one said this: "Jail time PLEASE , someone could have gone to jail for a very long time because of her lie. Fraud is against the law, make her pick up trash along side the road with a sign on her back 'I cried Rape Falsely.'"

This got me thinking that I love the idea of forcing false accusers to wear signs in public places. It would brand them for what they are in a very public way. The element of shame might actually deter young women who assume they retain lifelong anonymity regardless of their fraud merely because the word "rape" passed their lips. 

But somehow I doubt that we'll ever see it.  It's because we have powerful forces who don't think false accusers are real criminals who deserve to be shamed.  There was a case twenty years ago where a judge's sentence required the false accuser to apologize to the man she falsely accused in half-page advertisements in four newspapers and 10 spot announcements on two radio stations.  The judge explained: ". . . the rape charges were all over the papers, but when [the innocent man] was exonerated nobody hears about it. I told [the false accuser] the only way to get it out was to have her do it.''  Yet the ACLU fought it, alleging among other things that an apology constituted cruel and unusual punishment. 

Did you get that?  Cruel and unusual punishment. This, after the woman's rape lie led to the following: an innocent man lost his job; his family was harassed; his children were taunted at school; his one daughter was forced to quit school altogether; his wife got to the point that she hated even going shopping; people in town were buying guns because of this innocent man; and women feared him.

But, you see, it's "cruel and unusual punishment" to require the liar to apologize for the grievous harm she caused.  Heaven forbid she should apologize for destroying a man and his family.

Now compare that to the case from several years ago at Milton Academy, Massachusetts.  A 15-year-old girl engaged in group sex with five teenage boys in the boys' locker room.  They were 16.  We all know what happened: only the boys were expelled and charged with statutory rape, and the court ordered the boys to publicly apologize to the girl and her family, and to do community service.  Alan M. Dershowitz, a Harvard law professor and criminal defense lawyer whose daughter attended Milton Academy, said:  ''This represents the most senseless use of prosecutorial discretion I've seen in a long time."  He added: ''The idea that these youngsters should be branded rapists and the girl should be labeled a victim is preposterous." 

Read on only if you want to get your blood boiling.  The 16-year-old boys composed and read their apologies to their statutory rapist -- the girl -- and her family, in open court, as part of their plea bargain. One boy read this: ''Not a day has passed since the incident that I don't wish I had shown more respect for you, myself, and everyone involved.  'I understand that by taking part I put myself in a very dangerous situation with consequences none of us had dreamed of."  Another boy read this: ''Every day I am sorry, so sorry, for what happened. Ad every day I think of how hurt you must be and how upset your family must be. More than anything in the world I wish that I could turn back the clock. . . . All I can do at this point is truly and sincerely apologize for my actions and wish you happiness."

The girl and her family sat there stony-faced as the boys were publicly emasculated. 

And, dear readers, if the double standards here don't sicken you, if they don't stir a loathing within you for the injustice described, I am not sure what will.

Police: Woman files false rape report

No reason why. But I would guess she had sex with someone other than her significant other.

Krystle Scott arrested over false rape report.

A 24-year-old Shreveport woman was arrested over the weekend on charges she lied to authorities about being beaten and raped.

Krystle Scott, of the 4400 block of Danny Wimberly, was booked into City Jail on Saturday on one count of filing or maintaining false public records, said Bill Goodin, Shreveport police spokesman.

Scott filed the report New Year’s Eve saying she was assaulted by someone she knew. Detectives later determined the woman suffered no injuries and the accusations were false.


Monday, January 25, 2010

Rape activists: only report the rape claim, not the news that the claim was false

We need to expose and debunk yet another rape myth that is among the more astounding canards in a milieu that is rife with them: that false rape claims get too much publicity. 

Rape activists are thrilled when rape claims are given high-profile publicity by the news media, but more than a few of them seem apoplectic when equal publicity is given to news reports that those same claims were, in fact, false.

One of the standard complaints I hear from persons interested in raising awareness about the plight of the falsely accused is that the initial rape report is typically given intense news coverage but when it turns out the claim was false, the news coverage is minimal and not equal to the initial coverage.

The fact is that by most if not all important measures, news coverage of rape and false rape claims are not balanced but are skewed in favor of the former. This unbalanced coverage foments rape hysteria and creates the unmistakeable impression that rape is rampant.

This, of course, masks the false rape problem.  The vast majority of false rape claims are not charged, much less reported. They are handled at the police level with the goal of disposing of them quietly and expeditiously, often with a stern warning to the false accuser that if the matter were pursued, she would be exposed to criminal charges. Those stories never make the news. This is not my opinion, this is what police officers -- the persons in the trenches handling these claims -- tell us.

The false rape stories that do make the news are typically stories where the news media has already reported on the initial rape claim. Initial rape reports are ground-zero for the type of story the news media craves: scary.  Hysterical news readers and reporters, anxious to boost ratings, pass off accusations by lone women or girls as fact, regardless of how troubled the accuser is or how far-fetched her claim turns out to be. You remember Hofstra?  The four young men were arrested and their mugshots splashed all over the newspaper before the police checked the video that disproved the claim.  While the identity of the accuser is never revealed, the names and faces of the accused are splashed all over the news, thus insuring that no matter how far-fetched the claims might be, they will forever carry the accusation around their necks like a millstone. We have chronicled the horrors that befall men and boys falsely accused.  For many, their lives are destroyed. 

The initial rape report is big news.  The fact that the accusation turns out to be false or that there is insufficeint evidence to bring charges is grudgingly reported.  When three University of Arkansas players were accused of an alleged rape incident at a fraternity, a local television station actually broke into the station's regular programming to provide a four-plus minute breaking news report about the accusation. Needless to say, when the prosecutor decided not to bring rape charges against them, there was no similar coverage.

When the rape claim is discovered to have been false, the news media typically provides a story no more prominent, and often less prominent, than the initial account, this time contradicting what it previously reported -- the accusation isn't fact after all, it was actually wrong. Even here the news media often reports the story from the perspective of the rape activist. It is common for the reporter to obtain a statement from a rape activist to explain how false claims hurt actual rape victims.  The rape activist rarely, if ever, is quoted as offering sympathy to any male falsely accused or describing the principal harm of false claims as the harm befalling the actual victim of the false report.  It is one of the peculiar aspects of false rape stories that the actual victims of the crime of false reporting are often treated with indifference, as if treating them as human beings who've been injured somehow would detract from the interests of hypothetical, possible rape victims who are the "real" victims of every false claim.

But, you see, this is giving false rape claims too much publicity, don't you know.

Would the rape acitivists have the news media fail to correct their earlier erroneous news reports? Would they have the news media not report -- you know -- the news?  That is the clear impression some of them convey.

But false rape claims are news, and they need to be reported as such, more than they currently are.

First, the initial report often has the entire community in a panic, so setting that straight is vitally important (it is telling that in story after story, after it turns out there is no big, bad rapist on the loose, communities often react with a hesitation as if to say, "OK, that's good news that there is no rapist on the loose, but we're still going to exercise caution." This attitude just illustrates the power of the initial rape report).

Second, false rape claims are a serious crime. In the Hofstra case, four young men faced decades in prison for a crime they didn't commit. At least one of the young men falsely accused at Hofstra was roughed up in jail because, you know, he was a "rapist" and all. (But remember, the false accuser never served a day in jail because it would have a chilling effect that might deter actual rape victims from coming forward.)  But false rape claims need to reported and they need to be charged because our citizens need to know that crimes are punished.  The news media should not elevate the victimization of our daughters over that of our sons by refusing to report false rape claims. Calling out the false accusers and punishing them can only help true rape victims because it will signal that rape lies aren't tolerated, thus enhancing the credibility of rape victims.

Third, to correct the reputational harm to falsely accused males, the news media owes it to them to report on the false claim with coverage at least equal to the coverage given the initial lie.  The fact of the matter is that no amount of publicity can ever undo a malicious false rape claim where a man has had his name dragged through the mud of a false rape claim.

Finally, isn't it ironic that the persons who parrot this canard that false rape claims get too much publicity do so in one blog after the next devoted to raising awareness about rape?  The blogosphere is a treasure trove of aids for rape victims.  In contrast, this is among the only blogs devoted exclusively to giving voice to the interests of the falsely accused. 

The rape activists think that ours is one voice too many.

How could I, a 5ft woman, have possibly raped a strapping, 6ft businessman?

This is another one that doesn't fall under either the FRA or Rape category. I did notice, she was put through exactly what most men, in every story we have run on this site, has been put through.

And maybe that will be the thing that creates the turning point, that will get more and more people, vocal about punishing false claims. And before anyone starts screaming about his behavior, keep in mind we are only hearing her side of the story.

How easy would it be to state that simply because he chose not to move forward with the claim of rape, doesn't mean it didn't happen. However, with no blood tests for drugs, and no other proof to corroborate his story, the police did the right thing here in dropping charges and letting her go.

Tanya Hutchinson cleared of sexual assault.

A woman falsely accused of date-raping a wealthy businessman has told for the first time how the ordeal ruined her life.

Tanya Hutchison, a 42-year-old mother of five, was cleared of sexual assault but said the nightmarish police investigation had left her permanently scarred.

"My life is in ruins, all because of a claim that was totally ridiculous and should never have been taken seriously," she said.

When six police officers arrived at her home to arrest her in front of her seven-year-old son, she told them that the man's allegation that she had spiked his drinks with a date-rape drug before forcing him into sex was ludicrous.

But despite her insistence that they had shared an afternoon of consensual sex, she was held in a police cell for four hours.

Then she had to describe every explicit detail of the encounter in a two-hour interview with five officers - four of them men - who she claims treated her as if she were guilty.

"I was stunned and terrified," she said. "I felt as if it was me who had been raped.

"I had to tell the officers every aspect of what I'd done with the man, which was deeply humiliating.

"They ransacked my home and took away my bedsheets, phone and, worst of all, my underwear to carry out forensic tests.

"I was questioned in a manner I felt was unnecessarily aggressive.

"I couldn't understand why I was being made to feel like a criminal over a claim that was so unbelievable.

"How could a small woman date-rape a powerfully built, 6ft tall man?

"I've been taking anti-depressants since it happened and I've lost more than two and a half stone because of the stress.

"I feel petrified when I hear police sirens and my confidence in the legal process is badly shaken."

Ms Hutchison, a part-time carer for the elderly, was cleared when the man, a married building company owner who cannot be named for legal reasons, dropped the allegations.

Yet she has received no apology or explanation from him about why, when their brief affair turned sour, he chose to take such a devastating course of action.

The pair first met three years ago when Ms Hutchison's then husband was working for the man's company.

Her marriage ended almost two years ago but she kept in touch with her husband's former employer.

When he called to invite her to meet for a coffee, she agreed.

"I was lonely, living in a tiny one bedroom house with my son, so I was delighted that he seemed interested in me," she said. "The coffee we had led to a few dates in pubs.

"I knew he was married but I thought he was separated from his wife.

"He told me that he thought ours would be a special, long-lasting relationship and he spoke of taking me on a trip to Portugal.

I began to believe we had a future together."

The man suggested meeting at Ms Hutchison's home in Worthing, West Sussex, and turned up at 11am on a Thursday in June with two bottles of wine.

"I was taken aback because the wine made it very clear he was there for sex," she said.

"But I liked him and thought he was serious about me so I didn't object. We each drank about a bottle of wine, talking and laughing together in a sweet and romantic way, and then he suggested we head to my bedroom.

"We had sex and it was entirely consensual."

"Afterwards, as we lay on the bed, he started talking about how much he loved his wife and how he would never leave her.

"His whole manner changed and he seemed very cold.

"He got dressed, walked into the kitchen and threw £60 on the table, saying, 'Buy something for the kids.' I was horrified that he seemed to be treating me like a prostitute.

"I was angry and felt used and cheap.

"In the heat of the moment, I threatened to tell his wife about us.

"He left in his grey 4x4 and, although I was badly shaken by what had happened, I never expected to hear any more about it."

But the man went to the police and told them she had spiked his drinks and had sexual intercourse with him without his consent.

The next morning, two police cars arrived at her home at 8am as she was getting her son ready for school.

Six officers piled into her tiny living room and, as her son clutched her legs in fear, she was told she was being arrested on suspicion of sexual assault after administering a date-rape drug.

The boy was taken to the home of Ms Hutchison's 22-year-old daughter, Leah, and Ms Hutchison was taken to Worthing police station while forensic-experts scoured her flat.

"I was in total disbelief when they told me why they were there," she said.

"I was terrified. I didn't get a chance to reassure my son, who was in tears, and they didn't explain the situation to him or his sister. I'm still very angry about that.

"I dread to think what effect it has had on him."

At the police station, Ms Hutchison says she was searched and kept in a cell without a toilet for four hours.

"I was shaking with nerves and felt sick but there was nowhere to be sick. Then the questioning began and it seemed to last for ever, although I think it was two hours.

"Five officers made me tell them intimate details such as what positions we'd used while having intercourse.

"I was mortified and felt dirty and ashamed. I couldn't understand why they were treating the man's claim seriously.

"I felt as if I was trapped in a bad dream.

"I can only think that he believed I was going to tell his wife and wanted to get in first with an excuse to cover up our affair.

"It's pathetic. Because of his weakness I've had to suffer in a way no innocent person should."

Ms Hutchison was released on bail.

A few days later, police called at her home to tell her that the man had admitted she was telling the truth.

She has struggled to recover from her ordeal and says she has lost faith in a system that has allowed her accuser to go unpunished for his lies.

She said: "It makes me very angry that he has got off scot-free for making up something so evil about me.

"He was not even cautioned for wasting police time and nobody has apologised to me.

"All I wanted was to trust a man again but I can't imagine myself trusting anyone for a long time."

A Sussex police spokesman said: 'We investigated an allegation of sexual assault against Tanya Hutchison but we can confirm there will be no further action taken."

Detectives say Punta Gorda woman's reported car jacking and rape false

Another one where the police got it right during the investigation. It does make one wonder, just how many of these types of incidents we don't hear about, because they are deemed to be false, and so the investigation is closed, and nothing further need be done. However, once again, we need to start seeing the names of those who make these false allegations, if simply to protect anyone who may come in contact with her, and be falsely accused down the road.

Just one question. If it has been determined to be false, why does the investigation continue?

Unknown woman falsely cries rape and carjacking. Reasons unknown.

Charlotte County Sheriff’s Major Crimes detectives have determined that the 21-year-old Punta Gorda woman who reported Wednesday that she was carjacked and raped in the South Punta Gorda Heights area was providing false information.

Detectives said based on their investigation that this was neither a sexual assault nor a car jacking that involved a second person. No other details will be released at this time as the investigation continues.


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Gross injustice: Teen rotted in jail for months after girl recanted rape claim

This is why we have this Web site.  In the story beneath this comment, a young man was permitted to rot in jail for months after his false accuser recanted.  I have been scratching my head trying to fathom one legitimate reason why he should have remained locked up all this time, and I can't think of one.  Not one.

One or more prominent rape feminists are scrutinizing this site, apparently disgusted that we would have the temerity to speak up for a class of victim they happily ignore, and deluding themselves that their oppostion to our site helps rape victims when it does exactly the opposite. 

False rape claims like the one in this story hurt and often destroy innocent men and boys, but they also do terrible harm to the credibility of all women and girls who cry rape.  Every serious student of the subject agrees with that. Rape feminists who are disgusted that we hightlight, underscore, and sound the alarm about stories like this, and who would prefer to stick their heads in the sand about false rape claims in general, do rape victims a grave disservice in the interest of advancing a political agenda. Rape victims should say to hell with the rape advocates and join us in condemning and in trying to reduce false rape claims -- because the crime of rape is being trivialized by women who lie about it.   I repeat what I've said before: the day the prominent rape advocates start taking this problem seriously is the day I go away.  Shame on all of you for not caring about the young man in the story below and all the others like him. 

And, by the way, the young man in the story is black.  Big surprise.  I have no idea if there was a racial element to this case, but every time I hear of a case where the treatment of the innocent male seems excessive even by false rape standards (where unwarranted and excessive incarceration is the norm), chances are the victim of the false rape claim is a young black male.  That is not to suggest that young white men are treated fairly when it comes to false rape claims.

One final note: there was no adjudication here to definitively declare that the claim was "false."  Thankfully that wasn't necessary because the police have determined that sex was consensual. In any event, even if the claim was merely unfounded (with no one being able to say with reasonable certainty what happened), this would in no manner excuse the fact that a young man was permitted to be locked up for months on a "he said/she said" claim (actually three "hes" versus one "she"), and in the face of a recantation. If the police wanted to continue to investigate the claim after the recantation, that certainly might have been warranted, depending on the facts.  What was not warranted was depriving a young man of his liberty for months.  Issue a restraining order against him if you must, but don't lock him away like a criminal.

I am literally sick to my stomach over stories like this.

Read the story and go to the original site to see the video -- the tears of the young man's mother should be our tears as well.


Teens cleared of rape charges

Mastic (WABC) -- Three teenagers accused of gang raping a 14-year old girl in a Mastic home back in October have been cleared. But one of them spent months in jail, even though girl recanted her story just three days after the incident.

Tyquan Dawson and two other teens, ages 15 and 16, were arrested for rape.

On Friday the Suffolk County District Attorney's office dismissed the charges, saying the sex was consensual and no force was used.

"I'm angry due to the fact that my son's name is getting slammed," said Tyquan's mother Sharon. She added that she was relieved, but also still angry at the accuser.

Lawyers for the teens want to know why the DA's office didn't reveal the fact that the girl dropped the rape accusation, and why Dawson had to stay in jail for so long after.

The DA's office says it was the parole division that kept him locked up.


Thomas Sowell's "Intellectuals and Society" illustrates the pernicious influence of leftist intellectuals


Woman recants rape claim: what to make of it?

Here's a sort of Rorschach inkblot test of your objectivity about rape.  It's from a news story out of New Haven where a 20-year-old woman reported being sexually assaulted Friday at a downtown club on a night that the bar promoted an appearance by a star from the hit MTV reality show “Jersey Shore.”  But she ended up recanting her statement.

It's all very fuzzy, and police don't know what happened and don't plan to charge the woman.  But here is what the local newspaper reported:  The management of the nightspot where the incident allegedly occurred, Alchemy, reported that the "alleged victim," a 20-year-old woman, "was ejected from the bar at 10:45 p.m. [Thursday] and attempted to reenter at about 11:15, 'at which time she was denied entry and referred over to, and interviewed by, two New Haven police officers.'"  The woman told a police officer at 12:15 a.m. that she had been raped.  Detectives worked the case all Friday before the woman told them she wasn't going to pursue it.  "A source said Friday that police were viewing the complaint with increasing skepticism as their investigation progressed."  And: "John Carta, an attorney for Alchemy, pointed to 'discrepancies' in the woman’s account.  'From what I understand, she gave several different stories about the alleged assault, that it happened inside Alchemy, outside Alchemy, by this person, by that person,' he said." 

The club apparently sponsored a party featuring an appearance by Vinny Guadagnino, a cast member of “Jersey Shore" at the time of the alleged attack.  "On Friday, police officers in a morning briefing were told that a member of the 'Jersey Shore' entourage may have been involved in the alleged attack, but police later discounted that possibility.  Assistant Chief Peter Reichard told the New Haven Independent that Guadagnino was the lone cast member at the club and wasn’t at the club long enough to have much contact with the crowd."

So, what to make of it?  Extremists on one end insist that we view rape claim recantations with skepticism, and they would lump this particular incident into the category of a "not false" rape claim because, they would note, it wasn't determined to be false.  It is important to mention that for this group, all rape claims that are not determined to be "false" are, by implication, actual rapes even if we don't know what really happened (so, if it can only be determined that 8 or 18 or 41 percent of all rapes are "false," then all the rest, by implication, must be rapes -- even though there is insufficient evidence for lots of those claims to say what happened one way or the other).

Extremists on the other end would conclude that this claim must be considered false since it didn't result in a conviction. She obviously lied, and that would be the end of it.

How would an objective person look at it?  He or she would say that we don't really know what happened -- because we don't. A recantation means only that the woman decided not to pursue the claim.  That decision might have been prompted by her refusal to pursue a false claim or by a decision not to subject herself to the judicial process.  Police generally only classify recanted claims as "false" when the alleged victim's story otherwise just doesn't add up.  Often the recantation occurs when the police reveal to the woman some gaping hole in her account (think Hofstra). While there are indications here that the story didn't add up, we don't have quite enough information to say that definitively. Therefore, it shouldn't be considered "false" and it shouldn't be considered by implication a "rape."  When we're trying to figure out the prevalence of false rape claims, we should take this one out of the mix and not include it in either the "rape" or "false claim" column.  We should invent a new column -- "insufficient information" -- a column that is sure to anger the zealots on both sides.

Persons trying to raise awareness about false rape claims don't need to rely on fuzzy claims to make our case.  Our credibility suffers when we overreach.  And persons trying to raise awareness about rape would do well to stop overreaching and stop including doubtful claims in the "rape" column.  Such dishonesty only engenders disrepute of your movement.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Police: Teen lied about sexual assault

FRS comments will be interspersed.

Police don’t know why 14-year-old made up story of being abducted.

A 14-year-old girl lied about being sexually assaulted Jan. 14 near a school bus stop on Steam Mill Road, Columbus Police Chief Ricky Boren said during a news conference Friday.

Glaring inconsistencies in evidence collected by investigators from the scene of the alleged crime as well as a confession from the East Columbus Magnet Academy student led police to charge her with falsely reporting a crime. She has been released to the custody of her mother. The charge is a misdemeanor and will be handled by juvenile court because of the girl’s age, Boren said.

FRS Comment: A misdemeanor and juvenile court. Which means that all proceedings are private, and the public will never know what the outcome is. And, since she is anonymous, she is free to do this again, because no one will ever know what she did.

Boren said the 14-year-old admitted around noon Thursday that she had fabricated her story. The chief said he did not know why the girl lied.

FRS Comment: Did the chief ever think to maybe ask?

“The mother expresses regret that it happened and was very apologetic to the police investigators as well as the city of Columbus and the east Columbus neighborhoods,” Boren said.

The student had told investigators she was walking to a bus stop on Steam Mill Road when a heavyset man with a lazy eye grabbed her near the intersection of R.C. Allen Drive, dragged her west into the woods and assaulted her.

Her report caused additional alarm because it came less than two weeks after a 12-year-old girl was abducted Jan. 6 while walking to East Columbus Magnet Academy and assaulted in a restroom at Belvedere Park.

FRS Comment: Would it have possibly caused less alarm if the police had investigated the claim first, before they decided to publicly announce something that was determined to be false?

Investigators arrested 20-year-old Marcus Louis Wade in that case, and they are following up on other reports they believe involved Wade, Boren said. But since Wade’s arrest, police have received no fresh, credible reports of someone stalking school children, he said. Wade still is being held in the Muscogee County Jail on multiple charges, including child molestation, aggravated child molestation, aggravated sodomy, kidnapping and armed robbery.

During a 3 p.m. news conference Friday at the Columbus Public Safety Center, Boren urged residents to consider some of the “positives” of the situation.

The chief said neighbors in southeast Columbus are working together to protect their children, with residents watching for suspicious people and churches offering to protect students on their way to school. And just the fact that the assault did not happen was a relief to investigators and to parents fearing a predator was prowling that part of town, he said.

FRS Comment: Lets also look at the negatives. Every single person who wasn't from this neighborhood was looked at with suspicion, people were living with a fear that was unecessary, and could have been prevented. People were protecting their children from something that didn't exist. Those are just a few that come to mind.

Still, residents always should be wary of crime, Boren said.

“I think that you always have to take care of your children,” Boren said. “I think that we live in a society today that demands that we take care of our children ... And I do not think that we should drop our guard anytime we’re dealing with a child.”

One reason police did not earlier announce the girl had recanted her story was that they did not want to give a false sense of security to residents attending a meeting Thursday night at St. James Missionary Baptist Church, where ministers asked neighbors to work together to protect children.

FRS Comment: You didn't announce it because you didn't want to give a false sense of security? Seriously? So you supported a lie and kept people in a state of fear, and that is how you give a sense of security?

“We see a neighborhood that’s now closer together,” Boren said.

Julie Rose, a licensed psychologist who has worked with and researched sexual abuse victims and sexual assault, said the very fact that the police poured investigative resources and manpower into what turned out to be a fictional account of a sexual assault could have negative psychological effects on true victims of such crimes.

FRS Comment: Hang on to your hats. Lets see if this makes any sense. The police took a rape accusation serious, put who knows how many resources and manpower into the investigation, and that is going to have a NEGATIVE effect on real victims of rape? After hearing people such as Miss Rose constantly state that victims don't come forward because police don't take their claim seriously, now it is the fact that police do take the claim seriously, that will have a negative affect. Talk about trying to have your cake and eat it too.

Rose said stories like this do discourage rape and sexual assault victims from filing police reports and seeking help, because they doubt authorities will believe them.

FRS Comment: Again, the police believe the story, take immediate action to investigate the claim, and Miss Rose states that people are afraid they won't be believed. Sorry, but the actions taken by the police show that they WILL be believed, and that Miss Rose's statements are pure garbage.

“Any time somebody falsely accuses someone ... victims out there feel betrayed and they get very upset, because they feel that this was a horrific type of trauma that happened to them, and now this other person’s duplicating it out of whatever motivation she has.”

Rose encouraged all victims to get help as quickly as possible after an assault because “time is definitely of the essence.”

“About this particular case, people should keep in mind that this is a 14-year-old, and there are all sorts of reasons people make false accusations, and I’m sure the situation is more complicated than any of us will understand. But the primary thing for most people to know is that it’s not a reason to not go forward, that it only keeps perpetuating the cycle of violence and sexual assault when someone does not go forward.”

FRS Comment: Please note the part in italics. Seems to me, that several studies have come to the same conclusion. Glad to have a bit of confirmation from someone within the "Rape Industry". And no Miss Rose, what keeps the cycle going, is that there is no real concerted effort to get to the root causes of violence and sexual assault, and actually fix the problem. And this is a case of a false allegation, which does a disservice to those falsely accused first, and those who are ACTUAL victims of these types of things, second. Perhaps, if you were to advocate for stricter punishments for false accusers, who do more to damage the credibility of true victims, we wouldn't see so many false accusations. But the focus on a completely different crime than the one this girl committed, does a very large disservice to those who are falsely accused. And it is shameful.


Friday, January 22, 2010

Richmond, California: False rape capital of the world -- because Richmond won't charge women for rape lies

It is open season on young men in one American city. The police department there has given women license to destroy any man they want by falsely accusing him of rape. When that happens, the police have suggested, they will sit back and do nothing.  The falsely accused will be treated as collateral damage in the more important war on rape.

Richmond, California, is a small city near San Francisco with a population of approximately 100,000. Last October, it was the scene of a brutal gang rape that is still prominent in the news. What is not much in the news, and what you might not have heard about, is that the gang rape seems to have inspired two other girls to falsely cry rape. Richmond police have taken exactly the wrong approach: they have openly announced that they don't charge females for making false reports for fear of discouraging legitimate rape complaints. Armed with immunity from prosecution, young Richmond women will have free reign to falsely accuse their boyfriends, husbands, fathers, teachers, brothers and male classmates if any of them does the slightest thing to anger the young women. Without any deterrence, young men in the Richmond area ought to be prepared for more false rape claims against them.

The first false claim involved a 17-year-old girl whose rape lie landed the suspect -- the accuser's boyfriend -- behind bars for three days. She was angry at him for something. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, a gang rape is a terrible thing. So is being jailed for three days and not knowing if you are going to spend years in prison for a crime you didn't commit -- where you likely will be the victim of the very thing you did not do.

The second false claim occurred just last week when a 15-year-old girl falsely cried rape. Fortunately no one was jailed for that one. According to an initial news report shortly after the incident: "A 15-year-old girl was raped by two men Friday night after the assailants and two other men forced her into a car at gunpoint in Richmond, the same city where a high school student was gang raped after leaving her homecoming dance in October, police said Saturday." See here  Note the news report does not say "police say a girl claimed she was raped." The entire article is written as if a rape definitively occurred -- and it attributes the certainty to the police. It ends with this: "The worst thing for a student to feel," [teacher Jessica] Price said, "is that they're not safe in their community." (It seems that the young men in the community also have reason to feel unsafe.) Another article on the same incident again quotes police as saying a sexual assault had definitely occurred. See here. "Obviously we're saddened by the fact that this has happened yet again and that it involves several suspects again," said a female police sergeant.

So what is the reaction of the police? Their reaction is to somberly note that some poor guy's life might have been destroyed by the rape lies, and then to tell the news media that the Richmond Police Department has never charged a person for a false report in an effort to avoid creating an environment where people with legitimate claims hesitate to report crimes.

Because, we all know how women are in fear of being jailed for making a false rape report. Right.

Richmond is Exhibit "A" for why false rape claims are America's taboo epidemic.


Two False Rape Reports in Months After Brutal California High School Gang Rape

In separate incidents, two California teens reported rapes that never really happened and which, if proven true, could have landed the accused in prison for life. Once again, to cover up why she she didn't come home. And once again, we see she isn't named.

And once again, worries about rape victims not coming forward, takes precedence over the fact that innocent people could have been arrested and jailed over her lie.

The false police reports were filed at the very same police department that, just three months earlier, handled the now notorious gang rape of a 16-year-old high school student at her homecoming dance.

Now police in Richmond, Calif., say they have spent tens of thousands of dollars investigating the supposed crimes before the accusers admitted that they made them up.

A 15-year-old girl told police last Friday that she had been kidnapped at gunpoint and raped by four men.
Lt. Mark Gagan of the Richmond Police Department in California said the teen offered detailed descriptions of her assailants, including tattoos and hairstyles, before confessing that she'd fabricated the rape to avoid punishment for missing her curfew. The sex, she said, had been consensual.

"She called police Sunday and recanted the story, explaining that she had left school early and had been with a few people consensually," said Gagan. "She explained she had made up the whole scenario to cover up why she was not home on time."

Gagan said that the teen initially made the police report by flagging down a bus operator at around midnight Friday wearing only her underwear. She later told police where she hid her clothes to make her story more believable.

"Fortunately, no one was detained or harmed because of this teen's false report," said Gagan.

Three weeks earlier, one suspect in an alleged rape spent three days behind bars after a 17-year-old girl claimed that he had raped her, according to Gagan.

That rape, too, ended up being a false report, said Gagan, who told that the teen later told police the suspect was her boyfriend and the sex was consensual, but that a fight had led her to lie and accuse him of rape.

Gagan declined to speculate whether these teens were inspired by October's gang rape that attracted national attention.

On Oct. 24, 2009, a 16-year-old girl was sexually assaulted by at least seven males ranging in age from 15 to their mid-twenties outside her school's homecoming dance. The assault lasted for two-and-a-half hours while onlookers did nothing to help her and some took pictures.

The six suspects who have been charged have entered "not guilty" pleas.

Gagan said it is frustrating to pour resources into crimes that never really occurred.

"Our detectives put a lot of time and energy into trying to determine who these men were," he said, adding that a special team was assembled to take DNA from the teen who lied this past weekend.

"We put so many resources into this case and we are a small organization," he said. "This cost us 100 hours of staffing and tens of thousands of dollars."

Gagan said that the teen in this past weekend's incident "was not apologetic," despite how seriously her lie could have impacted another person's life.

"DNA could have seriously implicated these people," said Gagan. "The exposure for the crime she's alleged is life in prison. If someone's DNA had come and she stuck to her story, they could have been looking at life in prison."

The Richmond Police Department has never charged a person for a false report, Gagan said, in an effort to avoid creating an environment where people with legitimate claims hesitate to report crimes.

"It's a complex situation and there is still a lot of work to be done before the criminal justice system has a way to deal with these types of cases," the lieutenant said.


Thursday, January 21, 2010

We can't empower our daughters by pretending they are powerless

Women are special.

There. I've said it. It's something we've always known, but a lot of us have been fearful of admitting it aloud or even to ourselves.

Women are special, and, of course, special people are subject to special rules that don't apply to regular, testicle-bearing people.

You know exactly what I'm referring to. There are a thousand examples of it, too many to chronicle. When a young couple dates, he's expected to pay even if they make the same amount of money; when women decide to start a business, they are awarded financial benefits not available to men simply because they are women; colleges cling to their Women's Centers and insist there's no need for Men's Centers even though women far outnumber men on campus; colleges take athletic scholarships from men and give them to women far less interested in playing sports; when women work with men, the men are told they can no longer talk like men, they must talk like women so as not to "offend" the opposite sex; when teens the same age have consensual sex and her parents find out, she's the victim and he goes to prison for statutory rape; when young adults get drunk and have sex, she's the victim and he goes to prison for rape; when men and women commit the identical crime, she gets a much lighter sentence; when a couple divorces, she generally gets primary custody if she wants it; when there's a war, she gets to stay home and he becomes cannon fodder. On and on it goes.

You see, we, as a society, have hit upon the ingenious notion that we can manufacture equality between the sexes by heaping special advantages on women, and by insuring that they are not accountable for their actions.

In short, we empower women by pretending they are powerless. Since they are powerless, they need all these special advantages.

Now, let's talk reality. The fact is, we can't manufacture equality. The more we "empower" women by heaping artificial advantages on them and by excusing them from accountability for their actions, the more we reinforce the notion that true equality is a lie, that it doesn't really exist. When you let your kid beat you at Whiffle Ball, you're still the better player.

The only way to empower women is to treat them exactly like men -- as responsible adults endowed with the full capacity to live with the consequences of the decisions they make.

But that's not what happens. Western Civilization has come to resemble my local golf course where the women's tee box is on average 50 yards closer to the hole than the men's.

The women's tee is such an apt metaphor for what I'm talking about, I decided to find a picture of a woman golfing to use with this post. Wouldn't you know it -- I stumbled across a report of a study that led me to conclude that the women's tee isn't just a metaphor, it actually highlights the very truths I'm trying to get across. It turns out the greater the distance between the men's and women's tee boxes, the fewer women there will be in management and marketing, and the less money women will make in the locale of the golf course. In short, the bigger the "victim" sign a woman wears around her neck, the more special advantages heaped upon her just because she's a woman -- the less chance she will be accepted as an equal.
If women want true equality and not just the pretense of it, they need to line up with the guys at the men's tee, join in the raunchy language, and take their best swings. You know what? They probably won't hit it as far as the guys, but they'd be one of the boys. And they might just end up running the company.

That's if they want real equality and not just the pretense of it. Lots of women want the former; most women's groups are content with the latter.

America's long and shameful legacy of mistreating men falsely accused of rape

One year ago yesterday, a black man took the oath of office for the Presidency of the United States for the first time in history. Barack Obama's election was a watershed moment for a nation that has endured a long and often bloody march, marked by frequent detours and wrong turns, toward equality for all its citizens. The very idea that a black man will stand before the United States Congress next week to deliver a State of the Union Address is all the more poignant, and profound, if we recall another State of the Union Address, delivered more than 100 years ago, on December 3, 1906, by one of America's most accomplished presidents, Theodore Roosevelt. That Address spent an inordinate amount of time discussing a problem then peculiar to black men: lynchings for allegedly committing rape -- lynchings that too often took the lives of innocent men.

Readers likely will find the excerpt of that Address, reprinted below, both fascinating and horrifying. It is replete with notions that that will cause our more enlightened eyes to widen with astonishment and repugnance. Most prominent among these is the underlying tone that black men are little better than beasts who frequently rape. Moreover, Roosevelt declared without equivocation (and without explanation) that rape is a crime "even worse than murder" that deserves the death penalty.

But the Address provides important historical context for understanding where we are today; specifcially, our modern day reaction to rape accusations and our peculiar toleration of the harm to men and boys falsely accused of rape. We have made much progress in the past 103 years. We understand that black men are not quasi-humans who rape with abandon. And today, black men are rarely literally lynched for alleged rape. Indeed, next week a black man will stand in front of Congress to deliver the State of the Union Address. But despite the progress, many of the underlying problems discussed by President Roosevelt remain: the intense visceral reaction to rape claims, the rush to judgment when it comes to rape, and the frequent, and unjust, punishment of the innocent in our zeal to punish the guilty. We have outgrown our taste for literally lynching men accused of rape. But our law enforcement and judicial apparatuses are too often wielded to deter rape at all costs, manifesting a casual indifference to men falsely accused of rape, both black and white, that can be just as destructive, just as evil, as lynching. Only our more respectable, modern-day version of rape lynching is countenanced by law. And the words quoted by President Roosevelt about how the lynchings someday will extend to white men were sadly prophetic.

Here, is an excerpt from President Theodore Roosevelt's State of the Union Address, December 3, 1906:

"I call your attention and the attention of the Nation to the prevalence of crime among us, and above all to the epidemic of lynching and mob violence that springs up, now in one part of our country, now in another. . . . A great many white men are lynched, but the crime is peculiarly frequent in respect to black men. The greatest existing cause of lynching is the perpetration, especially by black men, of the hideous crime of rape--the most abominable in all the category of crimes, even worse than murder. Mobs frequently avenge the commission of this crime by themselves torturing to death the man committing it; thus avenging in bestial fashion a bestial deed, and reducing themselves to a level with the criminal.

"Lawlessness grows by what it feeds upon; and when mobs begin to lynch for rape they speedily extend the sphere of their operations and lynch for many other kinds of crimes, so that two-thirds of the lynchings are not for rape at all; while a considerable proportion of the individuals lynched are innocent of all crime. Governor Candler, of Georgia, stated on one occasion some years ago: 'I can say of a verity that I have, within the last month, saved the lives of half a dozen innocent Negroes who were pursued by the mob, and brought them to trial in a court of law in which they were acquitted.' As Bishop Galloway, of Mississippi, has finely said: 'When the rule of a mob obtains, that which distinguishes a high civilization is surrendered. The mob which lynches a negro charged with rape will in a little while lynch a white man suspected of crime. Every Christian patriot in America needs to lift up his voice in loud and eternal protest against the mob spirit that is threatening the integrity of this Republic.' Governor Jelks, of Alabama, has recently spoken as follows: 'The lynching of any person for whatever crime is inexcusable anywhere--it is a defiance of orderly government; but the killing of innocent people under any provocation is infinitely more horrible; and yet innocent people are likely to die when a mob's terrible lust is once aroused. The lesson is this: No good citizen can afford to countenance a defiance of the statutes, no matter what the provocation. The innocent frequently suffer, and, it is my observation, more usually suffer than the guilty. The white people of the South indict the whole colored race on the ground that even the better elements lend no assistance whatever in ferreting out criminals of their own color. The respectable colored people must learn not to harbor their criminals, but to assist the officers in bringing them to justice. This is the larger crime, and it provokes such atrocious offenses as the one at Atlanta. The two races can never get on until there is an understanding on the part of both to make common cause with the law-abiding against criminals of any color.'

"Moreover, where any crime committed by a member of one race against a member of another race is avenged in such fashion that it seems as if not the individual criminal, but the whole race, is attacked, the result is to exasperate to the highest degree race feeling. There is but one safe rule in dealing with black men as with white men; it is the same rule that must be applied in dealing with rich men and poor men; that is, to treat each man, whatever his color, his creed, or his social position, with even-handed justice on his real worth as a man. White people owe it quite as much to themselves as to the colored race to treat well the colored man who shows by his life that he deserves such treatment; for it is surely the highest wisdom to encourage in the colored race all those individuals who are honest, industrious, law-abiding, and who therefore make good and safe neighbors and citizens. Reward or punish the individual on his merits as an individual. Evil will surely come in the end to both races if we substitute for this just rule the habit of treating all the members of the race, good and bad, alike. There is no question of 'social equality' or 'negro domination' involved; only the question of relentlessly punishing bad men, and of securing to the good man the right to his life, his liberty, and the pursuit of his happiness as his own qualities of heart, head, and hand enable him to achieve it.

"Every colored man should realize that the worst enemy of his race is the negro criminal, and above all the negro criminal who commits the dreadful crime of rape; and it should be felt as in the highest degree an offense against the whole country, and against the colored race in particular, for a colored man to fail to help the officers of the law in hunting down with all possible earnestness and zeal every such infamous offender. Moreover, in my judgment, the crime of rape should always be punished with death, as is the case with murder; assault with intent to commit rape should be made a capital crime, at least in the discretion of the court; and provision should be made by which the punishment may follow immediately upon the heels of the offense; while the trial should be so conducted that the victim need not be wantonly shamed while giving testimony, and that the least possible publicity shall be given to the details.
The members of the white race on the other hand should understand that every lynching represents by just so much a loosening of the bands of civilization; that the spirit of lynching inevitably throws into prominence in the community all the foul and evil creatures who dwell therein. No man can take part in the torture of a human being without having his own moral nature permanently lowered. Every lynching means just so much moral deterioration in all the children who have any knowledge of it, and therefore just so much additional trouble for the next generation of Americans.

"Let justice be both sure and swift; but let it be justice under the law, and not the wild and crooked savagery of a mob."


Another rape lie debunked by video

Add this to the list of cases where women's rape lies were caught on video:

Surveillance video 'refutes hotel Briton's rape claim

DUBAI // Based in part on closed-circuit television footage, police investigators are disputing the story of a woman who says she was the victim of a sexual assault in The Address hotel on New Year’s Eve.

SP, 23, a British woman of Pakistani descent who was on holiday in Dubai with her fiance, reported a rape to the police on January 1, but was arrested herself, accused of illegal sex and drinking.

“Our investigations revealed that the woman was not subject to any sexual assault, contrary to what she is claiming,” said Major Gen Khamis Mattar al Mazeina, the deputy head of the Dubai Police. SP claimed that she was attacked by a waiter while semi-conscious in a hotel toilet.

However, the police say closed-circuit television footage has confirmed that the suspect did not enter the bathroom after her.

“The woman was not assaulted in the bathroom,” said Gen al Mazeina. “Medical reports conducted also confirm that she was not assaulted.”

One of the female hotel staff has said that she was the one who helped SP into the bathroom, police sources said. The alleged attacker has denied the rape charges. Both the woman and her fiance, SC, a 44-year-old Briton of Indian descent, claimed the police did not investigate the rape.